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Minecraft – What is The Big Hype


Minecraft is an award winning game, of adventure, imagination and challenges the players on their creativeness.

Since it’s release in 2011, Minecraft has gone on to be one of the world’s biggest games. It has won an incredible 5 awards including:

  • The Seumas Mcnally award
  • Audience award
  • Innovation award
  • Best downloadable game
  • Best debut game award

Minecraft FigureIn Minecraft, your level of play depends on your level of thinking. You can build entire cities and create another life, a virtual world of imagination and creativeness.

The original creator of Minecraft is a man called Markus “Notch” Persson of Sweden. His interest in game development started young and at the age of 8 he made his own text game. During his adult life, his profession was working as a developer for a company and later left his job to work on Minecraft full-time.

Markus eventually passed the leading role to Jens Bergensten, and Microsoft bought Mojang, Markus’s company that owned Minecraft.

Minecraft FigureThe whole idea of the game is, in a sense, independence, a virtual life for the player to live. You have to build a house, hunt for food, and create weapons out of wood. This game is the experience of an alternate universe, which is why it has attracted millions of people worldwide and the reason its creator grossed over $101 million dollars in the year 2012 alone!

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