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It seems like every week there’s a new update in social media or a new app coming out. In this show, we cover the latest news and talk about what social networks you should be using.Start watching below or go to the playlist on YouTube.

Hey, it’s Alan here! I’ll be hosting The Social Show. I’m the Digital Marketing Executive at Clubit, so my role is to be up to date with all of the latest updates on social media. I’ll be sharing this information with you so that you can show off to your friends the next time Snapchat does an update and no one knows what the emojis mean.

We’ll release the show each Friday so that you’ve got the whole weekend to watch the show or get your head around the new updates.

We’ve put our latest episode here for you, so you can watch it and see what you think. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on other social media.

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