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At Clubit, we do a lot of things. We inform, we create and we entertain. Now we’re hoping to do all three things at once.

We’ve launched three brand new weekly YouTube shows. Each week you’ll be able to tune into the Clubit YouTube channel and watch our energetic presenters talk about the things you love. Check our schedule below. You can check out the Clubit Snapchat for behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of the show.


Poppin’ Movie Reviews

Every Monday your hosts, Harree and Alan will discuss the latest movies, as well as some of the best and most controversial movies of the past.

Find out more or watch the latest episode here.


Let’s Tech About It

Coming soon!

Sit back as Alan talks about the latest tech and gadgets. We look at the best features, what works and what you should avoid. Completely honest reviews from an everyday user.

Find out more here.


The Social Show

Alan is back, but this time to talk about the latest social media updates. It seems at the minute that there’s a new update on Facebook or Snapchat every week. Alan is here to talk about what’s new and how to show off using the latest features.

Find out more here.