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The original stretch Armstrong is back!

Stretch Armstrong Reviewvideo
Most people in their 20's and older will remember Stretch Armstrong and we've got some news for you. The original figure was successfully launched in...

Ninebot Transportation Balancing Robot!

Ninebot Transportation Robot
Ninebot Self-Balancing Personal Transportation Robot These Ninebot robots are soo cool! Very simple to use, just stand on the board and off you go! This Ninebot transportation...

2016 Halloween Costumes That Aren’t Joker or Harley Quinn

What Halloween costumes will be trending apart from Joker and Harley Quinn? After the release of the DC Suicide Squad movie this year, it's safe...

‘Beyond Flesh and Blood’ at GA-MA-YO 10!

At GA-MA-YO 10 we met up with this cool guy called Phil, who was with Pixelbomb Games! He had a really cool game to...



A Bright twist on the Buddy Cop movie or tired concept?

Netflix dropped its next big movie trailer at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) last night and thank god it's not another Adam Sandler film....

Nintendo Switch Voice Chat Finally Goes Live

Nintendo's long awaited online chat function for the Switch arrived yesterday and it is not looking good. Nintendo’s new console, The Nintendo Switch, launched without...

A New (old?) Player Has Joined!

Gaming legend Atari officially threw its hat back into the console market and gave us a little teaser of it's first console in 24...



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