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Disney Buy Fox For $66bn But is the Price to Movies Too High?

Disney Deal, Fox

Last week we brought you news that the talks for Fox buying Disney were close to completion and tonight it has been confirmed that the Disney/Fox merger has in fact been confirmed. Geeks across the world can rejoice because the X-men and Deadpool can take their rightful place in the MCU. Whilst the $66 Billion price tag may seem like...

The Zanco tiny t1 Arrives on Kickstarter! Back it now!

Zanco tiny t1

We have been teasing you for the past week about the Worlds Smallest Phone but now we can finally tell you all about it. The World's Smallest Phone is in fact called the Zanco tiny t1 and to be fair tiny is possibly too big a word to describe it. The Zanco tiny t1 is 46.7 mm in length and...

Kingdom Come Deliverance is all set to Deliver


Here at Clubit, we are committed to hunting out the best games close to release that may have slipped under your radar. Earlier in the year, we came back from EGX with the amazing Bomber Crew and now we have another amazing game that is sure to be a success. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is due to hit consoles and...

Is Disney Buying Fox Really a Good Deal?

Disney Deal, Fox

A few weeks ago news broke that Disney had been in talks with Fox about buying its movie and TV divisions. I'll be honest I got extremely excited. The geek in me squeed at the thought of The X-men teaming up with the Avengers whilst my all-time favourite comic book character Deadpool constantly popped up trying to join both...

Hasbro Bring Battleships to Facebook Messenger

Toy giant Hasbro seems to have gone into overdrive lately as it seems every week we are writing about one of their franchises. Fresh on the heels of their massive My Little Pony push, the news of them forming Allspark Pictures and rumours of a possible takeover with Mattel. They are subject to one of our articles yet again....

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Game Review

Max: Curse of Brotherhood

Max is a character that is searching a foreign land to find and save his little brother, Felix, after being taken away from his home by an evil monster. With the help of an Old Lady who guides you through new tools, weapons, you guide your way through this game to reach the thief, Mustacho! First impressions of the game...

Mattel Launches Star Wars Bloxels Range to Get Kids Coding

Star Wars Bloxels

Mattel and Pixel Press have teamed with LucasFilm to launch Star Wars Bloxels, a new line that encourages youngsters to create their own video games. Bloxels provides kids with a video game creation platform with which they can act as a game designer, artist, storyteller, publisher and player. The line is designed to give them an introduction to the world...

Spintires: Mudrunner – PC Game Review

Spintires Mudrunner

Spintires: MudRunner is an off-road driving simulator in which you traverse treacherous Russian landscapes in order to deliver lumber. MudRunner is an upgrade of the original Spintires with several additions and improvements to the game such as; overhauled graphics, a cockpit mode, multiplayer saves, new vehicles, a new sandbox map called Proving Grounds and a challenge mode. The graphics have an...

The Future of AI Through Autonomous Military Technology

Military Technology

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how a petition to discuss the banning of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) weapons being created is putting pressure on the UN. Whilst the petition does have some solid grounds for concern on both an ethical and moral level around the advancement of military technology, most people thought it edged a...

Yomawari:​ ​Midnight​ ​Shadows Review


Halloween is fast approaching and what better time to turn out the lights and play a good horror to keep you awake at night. Yomawari: Midnight Shadows may do just that. As a follow up to Yamawari Night Alone, it is a Japanese survival horror with 2D sprites that introduces two new and adorable girls called Yui and Haru. The...

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