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Clubit TV Interview Strictly’s Kristina Rihanoff and Aliona Vilani

Kristina Rihanoff and Aliona Vilani

The celebrity #StrictlyComeDancing professional dancers Aliona Vilani and Kristina Rihanoff were at The London Toy Fair last week to promote a new childrens craft product for Galt Toys.

7 MiIllion Views

Clubit TV Passes 7 Million Views on You Tube

We’ve hit over 7 Million YouTube views! Hip Hip Hurray! What a great feeling when you hit a new milestone. Our YouTube channel features hundreds of videos to date, and the latest trends regarding gadgets, toys & games, collectables, gaming and video game development. We have worked very hard and have had plenty of fun and giggles all at the same...

Cosplay – More Than Meets The Eye


EGX is well known for its gaming, but what some might not know is they also have an amazing team with a dedicated cosplay stage. Not only did we get to see one cosplay masquerade, we got to see five masquerades and a whole host of panels and talks, each dedicated to a different element of cosplay. If you are...

Chocolate Picture Maker

Chocolate Picture Maker Bars

Introducing Chocolate Picture Maker - Great half term fun - Click Here to Buy Magic Choc Chocolate Picture Maker is the toy that brings fun to chocolate.  Children of all ages can have fun designing and making their own chocolate bars and then eating them or giving them as gifts or presents. The chocolate picture maker kit comes with everything...

15 Facts About Halloween ‘Witch’ you May Not Know!

Happy Halloween from Clubit!

So it's nearly that time of year again where by people dress up in, carve faces into vegetables and, go door to door begging and blackmailing for sweets and chocolate... Happy Halloween every one! :)  We thought you might like a few interesting things regarding Halloween to get you in the mood for it all! Halloween is a contraction of "All...

Angry Birds Gaming Accessories

Angry Birds Gaming Peripherals

Angry Birds Gaming Merchandise To coincide with the Angry Birds Movie which has just recently launched in cinemas we have a cool range of Angry Birds gaming accessories in stock. Click the image below to visit our store. Available to buy are protective cases  and USB car chargers for your Nintendo DSi and 3DS, cool earphones to listen to music or games...

Mattel Launches Star Wars Bloxels Range to Get Kids Coding

Star Wars Bloxels

Mattel and Pixel Press have teamed with LucasFilm to launch Star Wars Bloxels, a new line that encourages youngsters to create their own video games. Bloxels provides kids with a video game creation platform with which they can act as a game designer, artist, storyteller, publisher and player. The line is designed to give them an introduction to the world...

Death Stares at the Ready as Mario Kart Goes Mobile!

Mario Kart

Mario cart Mobile Nintendo has revealed that they are bringing Mario Kart to Smartphones. The announcement arrived earlier today via Twitter that the game is in development and will release before the end of March 2019. Whilst the news is a bit of a shock and should be welcomed by gamers across the planet, Nintendo has released a whole host...

We chatted to NotGames about NotGTAV and the Pre Alpha NotCOD!

"We wanted to make games that make us laugh really" A fairly unusual mission statement compared to that of most 'Devs' at EGX 2015. (With a precious few notable exceptions) NotGames are producing a satyrical take on some of the Games industries biggest titles. All the profits from the games developed by NotGames go to charity. They are the...

Fancy a game of ROBLOX? London Toy Fair 2017


Roblox is the game that YOU Create! You may hear school youngsters all over talking about Roblox, a game in which YOU create. David Bazucki and Erik Cassal are the creators. You can create your own games using coding as well as play other games created by users in a multiplayer environment. So far, there are over 15 million games on Roblox created by users...



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