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Airecon 2018 board gaming convention, Harrogate


Jared and I have been writing review for Clubit TV since the end of last year (read our review of Aventuria) with a view to add video content this year. We were very excited to attend our first board gaming convention. This blog is all about our experiences of Airecon 2018. For a brief summary of what this convention...

Death Stares at the Ready as Mario Kart Goes Mobile!

Mario Kart

Mario cart Mobile Nintendo has revealed that they are bringing Mario Kart to Smartphones. The announcement arrived earlier today via Twitter that the game is in development and will release before the end of March 2019. Whilst the news is a bit of a shock and should be welcomed by gamers across the planet, Nintendo has released a whole host...

Can Kevin Make Home Burglaries a Thing of the Past?

Kevin - The Virtual Roommate, launched on Kickstarter today and is attempting to reach a $50,000 goal with a very simple mission, make home burglaries a thing of the past. The brainchild of Mitipi Kevin takes an innovative approach to household security. There are no cameras, no motion sensors or even any locks. Instead of focusing on turning your abode...

2017: The Year of the Horror Film


With 2017 just passed and our feet now firmly into 2018 I think it is time to look back over the last year so that we can have an idea about what might be coming in the New Year. 2017 was quite a good year for film. Diversity came to the forefront with Moonlight winning best picture, great modern...

10 Films Turning 10 Years Old

10 years old

There have been many films over the last ten years that not only have given us compelling plot lines and character arcs but test the boundaries of technological advances for us, the audience. With 2018 here, we at Clubit.TV wanted to give you ten films that are turning 10 years old this year. Here’s a varied selection of those...

The Best of 2017 – Michael’s picks

Badger's picks, Emma's picks, Michael's picks

With our best of series coming to a close it is the turn of our brand new writer Michael Law to publish his very first article for with his best picks of 2017. So as with the previous writers check out Michael's picks then let us know whether you agree with or not in the comments below. Game of...

Best of 2017 – Emma’s Picks

Badger's picks, Emma's picks, Michael's picks

Continuing on with our writing staff selections for the best of 2017 up next with have Emma Rees. So read her list below and let us know if you agree with Emma's picks. 2017 has been an incredible year for video games, TV shows and hardware. For game releases, it's easily one of the most memorable years since the days...

A Round Up of 2017 – Martin’s Picks

Badger picks, Martin's picks. Emma's picks

Continuing one from Badger's picks for the best of 2017 it is now time for writer Martin McCurdie's picks. Not only will it be interesting to see how different his picks are from Badger's picks but it will also give you our dear readers a chance to see just how our writing staff think. So let's not delay and...

A Round Up of All the Best of 2017 – Badger’s Picks

Badger's picks, Emma's picks, Michael's picks

2017 was without a doubt the year of the geek yet again, Geek culture dominated the box office, video gaming had one of its biggest years ever and TV flourished but rather than list my top ten games and top ten movies I challenged the Clubit writing team to list their top two game, movie, TV show and hardware....

Kora the Mari – Lightseekers Toy Review

Lightseekers app, Kora

Kora is a toy from the Lightseekers interactive universe consisting of a combative card game, an app game and toys. They overlap in certain ways and enhance your overall experience of Lightseekers. Let's look at the toy package on its own. Basic construction It is well made and beautifully painted. It is not small or light. It is made from...

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