Zimpli Kids present the Gelli Baff @ London Toy Fair

Gelli Baff

Can you imagine being in a Gelli Baff!

Zimpli Kids was at the London Toy Fair with their Gelli Baff, YES! You read that right, an actual bath of jelly!

It’s oooh sooo simple to use –

  1. Sprinkle Powder over the bath water
  2. Stir
  3. Add more powder and stir until it’s a Gelli Baff!


We know what you are thinking! Yes, it’s safe!

The Gelli Baff is non-irritant, 100% safe on the skin, doesn’t create stains and is manufactured in the UK.


Not only can you turn your bath into jelly, but you can also turn it back into water.

This is like real magic!

Using the packet of dissolver that comes with the Gelli Baff packet, sprinkle it into the Gelli Baff and BAM!


Make Baff time extra fun for the kids, also great for outside summer paddling pools.

There are similar products on the market too, including Slime Baff and Gelli Snow!

Getting your children to have a bath can be difficult at times, and this makes it much easier!

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Zimpli Kids @ London Toy Fair

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From Pagers to Basic Phones to Modern Smartphones


Who remembers having a pager?

Pagers were first created by Al Gross in 1921 and first patented in 1949. They weren’t readily available to the public until the early 1990’s.

They became the modern hip thing to have for youngsters and adults alike, a simple notification device that was fitted to your jeans or belt.

There was also the first mobile hand phone created in 1973 by John F Mitchell and Martin Cooper of Motorola. The phone weighed a whopping 2KG!

In 1983 the commercially available mobile phone was created, and that was the start of a whole journey of mobile to smartphones.

It’s not just the software and appearance of the phones that have changed, but also the trends.

The trend in the early 2000’s was, ‘the smaller the phone, the better.’

That has obviously changed, with top tech brands releasing bigger smartphones as time goes on.

One of the most remembered mobile phones of all time is the Nokia 33-30.

Nokia 3330The first thing most people remember is the game, Snake and Snake 2. (The games were also available on previous Nokias).

This was when mobile phones had a sudden transition. Bulky with large aerials sticking out to smaller and without the obvious use of an aerial.

From here, the evolving mobile phone became a smartphone in the mid-2000’s with the largest brands competing to the stage.

The first smartphones featured rubbish to a mediocre use of the internet and a camera that displayed more blur than anything else.

It was from here that the constant improvement became part of the norm with a new smartphone now being released almost every month!

We all know what smartphones have got to today, the question is:

What are smartphones going to be and do in the next 20 years?

We are assuming that they will no longer be any smartphones around because they will be a part of our smart clothing and watches. (Smart watches are already a ‘thing’).

What do you think?

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Laser X at the London Toy Fair 2017 with Clubit TV

Laser X

We caught up with the Laser X team at the London toy fair 2017 and it was awesome!

You will love Laser X because, well, we all loved a game of Tig as children (or tag in the USA), a fun game we all have memories about from our childhood.

With the Laser X, you can have even more fun with this game using child-friendly laser guns and vests.

Have your guns ready, put on your vests, and have fun!

The blasters have a pinpoint accuracy of up to 200 feet and the provided vest counts your on target shots.

The power indicator lets you know when to reload and the interactive voice coach helps you to stay focused on your game.

This comes with stereo sound, full-color lighting, and even music to create a full gaming experience for everyone to enjoy.

We did some filming at the toy fair, and our presenters decided to interview the Laser X team and get a demonstration of the blasters.

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Jamie Raven from Britains Got Talent @ London Toy Fair 2017


I got to meet Jamie Raven from Britains Got Talent at the 2017 London Toy Fair and it was epic!

Jamie Raven was a contestant on BGT 2015 and came in 2nd place with his incredible magic. Wowing the judges with card magic and money magic was what he did well.

Jamie has gone from performing in small Working Men’s Clubs to performing for celebrities and CEO’s such as Sir Richard Branson.

At the toy fair, this year he was launching his new magic sets for children to learn from. There were four from what I can remember and they ranged from a mind reading magic set, a street magic set, a card magic set, and one other which I don’t recall.

Jamie was performing magic, and our junior Clubit Presenter Thalia volunteered as a spectator.

The Magic

He did some fantastic card magic, but there was something he did that got some serious attention from people, and when he did it, Uri Geller came to mind.

Uri Geller was famous in the 1980’s for bending cutlery by just gently rubbing the handle, Jamie did this too but took it to a whole new level.

He took a metal fork, and had it examined and signed with a marker (to prove that he won’t switch it for a different, gimmicked fork), he waved it and WHAM! there was magically a bend in one of the prongs on the fork!

Jamie then placed the fork in the child’s hand and asked him to blow. When the boy opened his hand, the center of the fork had twisted!

Jamie wasn’t finished yet, he took the fork, waved it and BAM! Each prong on the fork was bent in a different direction! Fantastic Magic!

As a magician myself, we obviously had to conversate. He was friendly and easy to talk to, very professional and his enthusiasm for magic shined through him.

Not only was his magic good, but so was his performance ability and audience control. He always had a smile and made sure that people enjoyed his entertainment.


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Have you had the Facebook dislike button yet?

Facebook Dislike Button

Some people may receive the Facebook dislike button before others.

This news has been going around for years regarding the Facebook dislike button. However, it’s not quite like we think, or expecting it to be.

It seems like Facebook are experimenting this with Messenger rather than the expected news feed.

Some people will receive the dislike button in the same way as the reactions options in the newsfeed.

The messenger reaction options look’s ‘like’ (pun intended) it will include the thumbs up like, thumbs down dislike, heart eyes, LOL, wow, sad and angry.

Facebook say that they have taken a long time contemplating the dislike button as they don’t want to promote negativity. They regard the thumbs down option as more of a “no option” rather than a dislike.

None of this is set in stone as of yet, however, we are certainly expecting the thumbs down option at some point from the “present now” to very soon.

Make sure to come back as we keep you updated with news, content, and entertainment.

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Fancy a game of ROBLOX? London Toy Fair 2017


Roblox is the game that YOU Create!

You may hear school youngsters all over talking about Roblox, a game in which YOU create.

David Bazucki and Erik Cassal are the creators.

You can create your own games using coding as well as play other games created by users in a multiplayer environment.

So far, there are over 15 million games on Roblox created by users and game development fanatics.

You can play/use this on a PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon devices or Xbox One.

We came across the Jazwares (Who produce the toys) stand at the London toy fair 2017, and they have toy releases based on the user generated games!

They have released 40 new physical toy products this in February and users can earn a royalty based on the sales. The Roblox company is providing an opportunity to users.

What an opportunity, users can earn a commision on games and toys!”

Jazwares produce the Roblox toys. ( Jazwares also produce toys for Minecraft, as well as Skylanders and many more big name toy brands.)

We managed to get some footage at the toy fair, check it out.

JazWares @ the London Toy Fair

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Introducing the Vinco Fly Trackable RFID Travel Smart Wallet


No More Worrying About Losing Your Wallet!

It’s time for us to have a smart wallet, almost everything in today’s world is going smart, from phones and TV’s to the connected home, so it’s great to add the one thing that holds our valuable possessions to the list, our wallets!

This wallet is made from full skinned vegetable tanned leather imported from the fashion capital, Italy.

The smart wallet holds every type of currency and all passport sizes, making it convenient to people worldwide.

Made of a high standard of quality and fine stitching, this wallet really does tick all the boxes.

Available in two contrasting colors there’s something here for everyone!

The Smart Part of the Smart Wallet

The Smart Wallet has a two-way tracking system is hidden inside which will last for over a year, not only that but it is also lined with RFID (Radio-frequency identification) for your protection from wireless passport theft, which is paired with the tracker.


Key Points:

  • It works both ways, you can find your smartphone with the tracker.
  • The smartphone will alert you even on Silent!
  • When out of range, you’ll get notifications when users walks past the wallet
  • Keeps all travel essentials protected

For more info on the Vinco Fly Smart Trackable RFID Travel Wallet, you can go to the source here

Star Wars VR Viewers London Toy Fair 2017

star wars vr viewers

The Star Wars Virtual Reality Viewers have many features and our Clubit presenters gave them a try at the London toy fair.

Star Wars VR viewers have many characters designs like BB8 from Star Wars The Force Awakens, Stormtrooper C-3P0, Darth Vader and R2-D2, everyone can pick their favorite characters.

These virtual reality viewers give you a 3D 360-degree view and the ability to watch movies, videos and play games just using the viewers and a simple connection to your smartphone.

You also have access to thousands of apps via google play and iOS.

The Star Wars VR Viewers are compatible with the majority of smartphones. They can take phone screens of up to 6 inches.

These Star Wars VR Viewers were Designed by British toy inventor company WOW! Stuff.

Ages 8 through to adults can enjoy these, let the childish side of you come out sometimes!

While @ the London toy fair 2017 –

– Our junior Clubit Presenters Thalia and Angelo decided to have a go and they loved it.

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The Star Wars VR Viewers are a must have for fans and tech lovers.

3 Exciting Future Tech Releases That Might Happen

Future Tech

We live in a time in which technology affects our work life, business life and maybe even our personal life.

Technology is now a necessity for careers, health, communication and much more. This is why we decided to share with you 3 future tech releases that might happen.

3 Future Tech Products

1Uber Flying Taxi

We imagine that flying cars etc.. are a thing of the next 100 years. From the look of things, it looks like we could live in that world within the next 10 years!

Uber have committed to innovating on short journey flight technology. They are their eyes on Vertical take off, to offer customers a choice on how the reach their destination.

The VTOL aircraft vehicle (Vertical Take Off and Landing) will fly like an airplane but land like a helicopter. There’s no use for a runway either.

With the help from the military research and Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA), this looks like it may happen sooner that we think!

We have a video on the first passenger drone which Dubai want to use as a taxi in summer 2017. Check that out below.

2Apple Virtual/Augmented Reality Headset

Although Apple is yet to release an official statement on whether they are developing a Virtual/Augmented reality, during an interview last year, Tim Cook; CEO of Apple mentioned that he thought “In terms of VR, I don’t think it’s a niche. It’s really cool and has some interesting applications.”.

In recent months, Apple has also acquired numerous virtual reality companies and increased their ‘Secret’ VR employee base which may suggest a new VR product in the designing phase.

In early January, a Carl Zeiss employee (German Lens/optical company) leaked information about a partnership between Apple and Carl Zeiss. This may be related to the patent apple filled in October 2016 (pictured above) that depicts a “Head-Mounted Device”.

Although this is not concrete evidence that apple is developing a VR product; it does give us a good idea of the general direction of apple products we can expect in the near future.

3Alo – The Concept SmartPhone

Smartphones are probably one of the most important pieces of tech to hit us in the last 10 years, well this concept smartphone has taken it up a notch, or two!

Here are some key features of this future tech smartphone.

  • Designed by an award-winning designer Philippe Starcke
  • No user interface, completely voice controlled
  • Displays will be 3D holograms projected from the device into the air.
  • Notifications operate on changes in temperature and vibrations.

Check out our video on the Alo smartphone

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Google announce ‘Home Speaker’ Available in June for UK

Google will launch its Echo competitor smart speaker in the UK before the end of June.


Today, the company revealed its plan to release its speaker to the UK in June at the Mobile World Congress trade show located in Barcelona.

It is thought to compete with amazon’s successful Echo range that was released in the UK mid-October.

Google states that its speaker can support lengthy conversations in which follow-up questions are used after their first statement.

The companies hardware chief Rick Osterloh told reporters that data collected through android phones has allowed them to perfect knowing exactly what the user wants by identifying specific keywords and phrases.

In terms of physical looks, Google home can be customised to match the décor of your room, it has changeable bases that come in a variety of colours. LED lights light up and let you know that it is working.

The designers state that although it isn’t portable like the echo – it allows the speaker to have considerably better speaker performance than the echo as well as multi-room technology to follow its release.

Let us know what you think in our poll and comments!

Which product would you buy?

Amazon Echo
Google Home Speaker
Neither of them!



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