Destiny 2 Console Open Beta Available Tonight

The long awaited sequel to Activision and Bungie’s smash hit Destiny grows ever closer with a release date of September 8th, 2017. While that may seem a fair while away right now you can get your hands on it this weekend…..well a little bit of it at least.

Those brave guardians who have pre ordered Destiny 2 have been able to try out its Beta test since the 18th (PS4) and 19th (Xbox One) but this weekend it becomes available to everybody for free. so if you haven’t quite made up your mind yet this weekend is a great chance to try before you buy.

During this weekends Beta test you will be able to try out:

solo players – you’ll be able to blast your way through the first couple of “cinematic story missions”, known as Homecoming, but the bulk of the beta is aimed at multiplayer shenanigans (and you’ll need a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership for these).

PVP – there are two PvP modes in the Beta, both using Destiny 2’s new 4v4 team format. These modes are Countdown and Control;
Counter sees one team defending its base while the opposition attempts to plant a bomb inside it. The winning team scores one point, and roles are reversed for the next round. The first team to reach six points wins the match.
Control sees teams battling it out to capture and defend control points on the map.

Each mode will be paired with one new map for the purposes of the beta; all Countdown games will unfold on Midtown, an “abandoned sector of the last safe city on Earth”, and Control takes place on Endless Vale. This is apparently one small area of Nessus, a planetoid “featuring soaring vistas, beautiful alien vegetation, and the hallmarks of the Vex effort to transform the planet into one of their machine worlds”.
The final multiplayer piece of the Destiny 2 Beta comes in the form of the new Inverted Spire three-player cooperative strike.

As for which classes you can play:
Warlocks get Dawnblade and Voidwalker,
Hunters can utilise Arcstrider and Gunslinger,
Titans can call upon Striker or Sentinel.

But what about the guns I hear you cry! well, Bungie has you covered.You will have access to 20 weapons (including three Exotics: Sweet Business, Sunshot, and Risk Runner), and three armour sets for each class.

The Beta becomes available at 6 pm on Friday the 21st July and the Beta timetable can be seen in the image below

Are you looking forward to Destiny 2? Will you be joining in the Beta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

A Bright twist on the Buddy Cop movie or tired concept?

Netflix dropped its next big movie trailer at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) last night and thank god it’s not another Adam Sandler film. It is, in fact, Bright. A Will Smith buddy cop movie with a twist. That twist being Orcs and Fairies co-existing with humans, as can be seen in the trailer above.

To be fair the effects in the trailer look amazing and it could be quite a film but there is something about it I just can’t put my finger on. A mash up of fantasy and buddy cop genres could be an absolute abomination. Two massively different genres that have no business meeting. Or it could, in fact, be an amazing piece of work like the legendary Alien Nation. I know I’m sat firmly on the fence here but the plot synopsis is doing nothing to change my position:

Set in an alternate present-day where humans, orcs, elves and fairies have been coexisting since the beginning of time, this action-thriller directed by David Ayer (Suicide Squad, End of Watch, writer of Training Day) follows two cops from very different backgrounds. Ward, a human (Will Smith), and Jakoby, an orc (Joel Edgerton), embark on a routine night patrol that will alter the future of their world as they know it. Battling both their own personal differences as well as an onslaught of enemies, they must work together to protect a young female elf and a thought-to-be-forgotten relic, which in the wrong hands could destroy everything.

The fact that we have two stars and the director of majorly disappointing Suicide Squad is doing nothing to boost my enthusiasm for this. I will watch it when it is released worldwide on December 22 exclusively on Netflix but in the meantime let us know your thoughts about it down in the comments below

Stargate Origins Announced at SDCC

San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) got underway last night and boy have we received a tonne of news to talk about already! First up, and probably one of the biggest talking points of the day is MGM’s behemoth of a franchise Stargate.

Its been 6 years since the final episode of Stargate: Universe graced our screens and the conclusion to that particular spin off left a lot of the fan base disgruntled. Last year we were teased with the idea that shows creators Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner were working on a reboot of the entire universe. Fast forward to this years SDCC and we finally have news.

It turns out that MGM will, in fact, begin filming on a brand new Stargate franchise next month and that franchise is…..* dramatic drum roll* Stargate Origins.

It will focus on a young Catherine Langford as she tries to understand the consequence of her father’s discovery of the Stargate in Giza, Egypt in the 1920s. The character was played by Viveca Lindfors in the ’94 Stargate and Elizabeth Hoffman in a few episodes of SG-1. The series is written by Mark Ilvedson and Justin Michael Terry and directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan.

Yep, that’s right, we are getting yet another prequel, but wait there’s more. The 10 episode mini series will be launched in the autumn and be exclusively on a brand new dedicated streaming platform called Stargate command.

“We’ve been eager to revisit the Stargate franchise, and create an all-new story that honours the founding mythos and gives loyal fans more mystery and adventure,” said Kevin Conroy, President of Digital and New Platforms at MGM in a statement. “We view Stargate Origins as a thank you to fans who have been keeping the spirit of the franchise alive for nearly 25 years. With the increasing popularity of digitally native content that can be streamed to any device, MGM is committed to the production of premium linear mid-form content and are proud to launch with Stargate Origins.”

“We saw a need for a definitive hub for the Stargate fan base to continue to enjoy news and content, both old and new,” added Chris Ottinger, President, Worldwide Television Distribution & Acquisitions, MGM. “Stargate Command will open a new door for the community to celebrate and interact with all content in a way that has never been done before.”

The news hasn’t gone down to well with fans as some pointed out that the concept ignores a fundamental part of the canon of Stargate: SG1 by having the gate used before the 1950’s. Which has lead some to speculate that this may, in fact, be a complete reboot of the franchise? Pair this alongside the mounting displeasure with Star Trek: Discovery and you have to ask, are we sick and tired of prequels of old franchises? Just what exactly is stopping studio executives from pushing forward? Why are they so obsessed with constricting writers rather than freeing their imaginations and allowing these established universes to thrive and continue to grow?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

Nintendo Switch Voice Chat Finally Goes Live

Nintendo’s long awaited online chat function for the Switch arrived yesterday and it is not looking good.

Nintendo’s new console, The Nintendo Switch, launched without voice chat capability so players have had to wait for the release of the Splatoon 2 companion app to see just how online communication is going to work. With Nintendo being famous the world over for its innovation in gaming, gamers have been waiting to see what new and amazing way Nintendo are going to approach this issue.

It seems the answer is to turn it into a complete mess. Players have to download the Splatoon companion app to their phones in order to access voice chat, the chat function only works if you’re in a game and will disconnect if you use your phone for anything else such as a text or even if your phone screen goes into standby mode.
The fact you need your screen to be constantly on means your phone battery is going to drain very quickly. This causes massive problems for iPhone users since you can’t charge your phone and use earphones at the same time due to the removal of the 3.5mm jack port. All these complaints mean there is a wide range of apps such as Skype that are a lot better suited to online voice chat than the official Nintendo solution.

The consensus is that Nintendo has taken this approach to keep online chat as safe and secure as possible for children online but with voice/party chat being a staple function of modern console gaming since the PS3 and XBOX 360 era this solution just isn’t cutting it with gamers.
With the world waiting to see just exactly what Nintendo has planned for its online subscription service, due to launch later this year, this complete non-solution to voice chat has got players thinking that Nintendo is completely inept when it comes to moving forward with technology that they didn’t invent.

As always you can head over to our sister site and check out our range of official Nintendo merchandise and other gaming accessories

Excelsior! The Generalissimo Has Been Immortalised

The Generalissimo Stan Lee was honoured yesterday has he immortalised in the concrete in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre. The 94-year-old signed his name and then imprinted his hands and shoes in the cement pad in front of family, fans, and friends. Kevin Smith, Chadwick Boseman, Clark Gregg, Kevin Feige, and Todd McFarlane spoke at the ceremony.

Stan, along with Jack Kirby, created legendary comic book characters such as The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and The X-Men, to name just a few. These comic books characters then went on to become the Hollywood powerhouse known as The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
Stan Has become somewhat of a house hold name thanks to his cameos in Marvel movies over the last decade and is a much loved and admired leader of comic books fans across the globe.

Stan the Man was understandably quite emotional as he was interviewed afterwards not only on receiving the honour but also on talking about seeing his creations leap from the page to the big screen.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

There is a palpable buzz in the air that can be felt the whole world over, an excitement unrivaled by any other time of year. One full of hope, expectation and wishful thinking. A time when dreams come true and people come together in joy and happiness. Christmas doesn’t even come close to this. I am of course talking about the extravaganza that is San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).

With thousands of lucky comic book fans arriving in San Diego for what is quite simply a pilgrimage of the masses. The world looks on with baited breath to see just what announcements will be made. What trailers and teasers will we see? What bounty will the gods of Geekdom bestow upon the legendary Hall H this year?

In the true tradition of a geek with an internet connection and a platform to speak from I shall give my predictions for this years reveals from Hall H


I expect Marvel will have a very strong showing at SDCC this year. on the back of an enticing D23 Expo in Anaheim. We already know that the lucky fans in attendance there were treated to footage of the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War so I expect to see that footage shown again although I suspect that will just be exclusively for the Hall H faithful.
It is possible that on the back of DC success with Wonder woman Marvel may treat us to some Captain Marvel footage that will hopefully be released online.
There is a strong possibility we will see some footage from the upcoming Deadpool 2 due for a super hero landing on June 1
Footage I think we are guaranteed to see both in Hall H and then online will be a new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok which releases on November 3rd 2017 and Black Panther which is out on February 16th 2018

Warner Bros / DC
At this years SDCC, there is no separate DC presentation which is strange. Instead, they have opted to throw everything under the Warner Bros. banner. It will be nailed on that we will see more footage and a new trailer for DC ensemble movie Justice League which is scheduled for a November 17th release and possibly some footage of the upcoming December release of AquaMan
Although the trailer for BladeRunner 2049 dropped earlier this week I think we can expect to see a few teaser shots or maybe an extended trailer.

Netflix is holding a Stranger Things panel this year to bring us some more information on the much anticipated season 2 that is due to arrive in October. There isn’t much guessing to do here since the producers have already promised some never seen before footage and I have no doubt Netflix will put the footage online as soon as it is released.

San Diego Comic Con is a massive event and will no doubt have us wrapped up in discussions for weeks to come but for now why not let us know what you are most looking forward to by using the comment section below

Han Solo Spin Off Movie Back In Production

anthology movie
han solo, a star wars story

The as of yet untitled Star Wars spin-off movie telling the story of a young Han Solo has been besieged with production woes in recent weeks. The biggest of which was the decision to remove directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller of their responsibilities. The reason given for the sudden change was that Disney Executives were apparently unhappy with the tone and pace of the film.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and everything seems to be happy once more on set, as new director Ron Howard took to social media to tease us with a few photos. First up was a cheeky shot Lando Calrissian wardrobe

Then we were treated to a pic of Ron Howard lining up a shot of the young Lando Calrissian in his directors monitor.

Howard is quite active on his Instagram page so we hope to see more teasing photos over the coming months. The Han Solo spin off film is scheduled for next summer but with re-shoots planned and a change in director this date might well be moved. While your waiting for the next installment of the epic saga, you can find some great Star Wars merchandise over at

Is There a Dark Side to Pixar’s Hit Franchise Cars?

Cars 3 is enjoying a good run in the UK cinemas right now but whilst children are loving the adventures of Lightning McQueen and the gang, some corners of the internet are taking things down a very dark route.

When it comes to writing for television and film one of the biggest constraints of writers is that dreaded word canon. It’s almost a swear word at times, exasperating writers who want to weave amazing narratives. thwarting the executives who want to tie new stories into a commercially successful franchise in order to keep the gravy train running. In days gone by breaking cannon wasn’t such a problem as such discrepancies would only be discussed among small circles of friends, but in today’s golden age of information a slight discrepancy can become a major crime within hours. Fans amass on social media to discuss even the tiniest minutia of a production, nothing is safe. From Superman flattening metropolis to whether Han shot first.

So surely its easier for writers to build brand new worlds right?…..wrong! The latest victim to fall under the scrutiny of geeks is none other than Disney Pixars hit franchise Cars. Not content to allow a family friendly film to just entertain a theory soon popped on Screen Rant the origins of Cars and how their universe came about. bear in mind this theory may not be suitable for children as it takes quite a dark path.

With Cars 3 recently released here in the UK, Den of Geek writer Simon Brew added a list of important questions that have been left unanswered by the recent instalment which can be read here

“It’s just a kids film” I hear you scream, but this is the nature of the modern geek. The battle of enjoyment versus internal logic. In this digital age it isn’t enough to just enjoy a film, we have to understand its world, it’s Eco systems and it’s processes.

Have we reached an enlightened age where viewers are more intelligent as a collective and demand more cerebral entertainment or has the internet spoilt us with information overload to the point we ruin any enjoyment we find in entertainment? Sound of in the comments below and let us know your thoughts or purchase a Lightning McQueen mousemat from to help you surf the net looking for the next franchise destroying overthinking article

These are not the Klingon’s You’re looking For

Star Trek: Discovery, the latest addition to the Star Trek universe, warps onto our screens in September and it seems the more fans see the more they dislike. First up the idea that the first officer, not the captain, is gonna be the centre of the show rankled some fans. Up next was the design of the USS Discovery, which caused some sections of hardcore fans to go into complete meltdown. The release of the ship design was closely followed by the reveal of how the Klingon’s look on the show and to say fans weren’t pleased is an understatement.

As can be seen in the image at the top of this article, The Klingon’s look nothing like the Klingon’s we have come to know and love/hate. Now before you jump into the comments and argue that the Klingon’s in Enterprise didn’t look like the “traditional” war mongering, honour bound enemy of the federation that fact was addressed in the show and has now been accepted as canon. That could well be the case here but after show runner Aaron Harberts spoke to Entertainment Weekly that doesn’t look so likely.

When asked how the Klingon’s can be so different to anything we have seen before, considering that Discovery is set between Enterprise and the original series, Harberts responded with:
“In the different versions of Trek, the Klingon’s have never been completely consistent […] We will introduce several different houses with different styles. Hopefully, fans will become more invested in the characters than worried about the redesign.”

So there you have it! Stuff your canon and your arguments, your gonna love the characters not what they look like…….Apparently

Let us know what you think in the comments below

Kermit The Frog Fired From The Muppet Show

57-year-old puppeteer Steve Whitmire, who has been the voice of Kermit the Frog since 1978, was fired from his job over what the studio is calling “repeated unacceptable business conduct” that was over “a period of many years.” The statement, which was given to The Associated Press, also claims that Whitmire “consistently failed to address” the issue.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Whitmire said that he was fired after expressing views on how the beloved character should be portrayed in ABC’s Muppets mockumentary series that aired from 2015 to 2016. “I have been outspoken about what’s best for the Muppets since the Muppets came to Disney [2004],” he said. “The fact is I have respect for everyone who was involved in the creation of that series for their own particular contributions. At the same time, I also have insight into their limitations with respect to how well they know the Muppets.”

Meanwhile, Lisa Henson — the daughter of the late Jim Henson, who founded The Muppets — told The New York Times that she supports the studio’s decision to fire Whitmire, claiming that he “played brinkmanship very aggressively in contract negotiations” and was hostile about training an understudy. Lisa is the president of the Jim Henson Co., and sold The Muppets brand to Disney in 2004.

In addition to his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Whitmire penned an emotional blog post about him leaving the franchise after all these years. “This is my life’s work since I was 19 years old. I feel that I am at the top of my game,” he wrote. “I want all of you who love the Muppets to know that I would never consider abandoning Kermit or any of the others because to do so would be to forsake the assignment entrusted to me by Jim Henson, my friend and mentor, but even more, my hero.”

Kermit will now be voiced by Matt Vogel.



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