Mutant Football League – PC Game Review

Mutant Football League

in Mutant Football League “Mutants and monsters unleash maniacal carnage on the gridiron in this crazy gore fest of arcade-style football. Packed full of humour, intense online multiplayer action, and strategy.”

Mutant Football League is the next-gen successor to the classic Sega Genesis title of the same name. I never played the original so I am unable to comment on the similarities but having read other peoples reviews it seems to be a pretty accurate representation. The last American football game I played was John Maddens football back on the Sega Megadrive. Mutant Football League is very similar to Madden in the sense that the controls are very similar and the playbook system is almost identical. This meant that right out of the gate I was able to compete against the computers AI quite successfully (albeit on the easy setting!)

The menu system is straightforward and easy to navigate giving you many different ways to customize your experience. Difficulty levels can be changed to suit different skill levels along with the ability to resurrect players after each play or game in case you get fed up with getting killed all the time.

The teams seem to be parodies of real NFL teams such as Nuked London Hatriots, Scarolina Panthers, and the Croakland Invaders. Each team has its own selection of “Dirty Tricks” that can be selected from the playbook giving you the ability to become ginormous and stomp all over the opposition or pull out a shotgun and shoot your way through the defensive line. These dirty tricks add an extra dimension to the game which can be hilarious, especially when playing with a friend that gets a bit salty. The dirty tricks are different for each team and can sometimes be a little unbalanced so restricting the use to one per quarter prevents overuse. The ref can also be bribed to give you an extra advantage but be careful because if the other team suspects a bribe they may just decide to kill the referee before the next snap.

You may think that the bone-crunching tackles and dirty tricks would be enough to worry about but you would be wrong. Each stadium has its own perils with circular saws ripping across the field slaying anyone in their path or giant worms rising from the ground and devouring your star quarterback. I love this aspect of the game as you never know what is going to happen next helping to keep the gameplay refreshing and surprising.

The sound in the game is where this title really shines. The commentary team do an excellent job of keeping the excitement level high and the foul language and bad jokes certainly keep things interesting. The players themselves don’t have a lot to say and babble away in their own strange language but this can be very amusing by itself. I can imagine the commentary will become a little repetitive after many hours of gameplay so the devs may want to think about occasional updates to keep things fresh.

Mutant Football League

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed playing Mutant Football League and will do for years to come. If you like American football games and prefer not to play by the rules then this is definitely the game for you. If you like funny and foul-mouthed commentary then this game will not disappoint. At £18.99 on steam, I would consider it a bargain especially as the devs have managed to avoid the sneaky pay to win tactics adopted by the larger devs such as EA. I would like to see the option to create your own custom teams and maybe more plays to choose from (the hail mary especially!) As it stands I would give the game a very solid 9/10 with very little room for improvement. Well done Digital Dreams Entertainment!

John Wick TV Series Confirmed for the Starz Network

John Wick TV series

Exciting news for action fans around the world as a John Wick TV series has been officially confirmed with the man himself, Keanu Reeves, confirming he will be making an appearance. The series will be called “The Continental” which is the name of the hotel that is a refuge for the assassins from the film series.

The story in the John Wick TV series, will focus on the workings of the club and while Keanu Reeves has confirmed his role in the series, he will not be the main protagonist of the show. There are also unconfirmed rumours that the network and the producers are considering Ian McShane, who played Winston, the manager and owner of The Continental to make an appearance on the show.

The John Wick series first took the world by storm in 2014 as Keanu Reeves took the reins of John Wick, a legendary assassin who is thrown back into his violent past when a sadistic mobster steals his car and kill his puppy that was a gift from his deceased wife. With the first and second film being a financial and critical success, the third instalment John Wick: Chapter 3 is set to be released on May 17, 2019.

John Wick TV series

One of the main points about this film, aside from the fact John Wick is just cool, Keanu Reeves admitted in an interview he undertook 95% of his own stunts during the film, taking extensive courses for three months. His training consisted of Judo, Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu, marksmanship and driving. Taking all of this into account, when you watch the film and how the action sequences are created, it’s truly remarkable to think it’s Keanu Reeves and not a stunt double. All sequences were choreographed and planned, making this a fantastic film to watch, which is why I personally can’t wait for the TV series as this type of planning and strategy will be implemented into the TV series.

There has been no word on who the series is going to follow, all we know is John Wick will be making an appearance. Cast and crew from the movie franchise are on board to create this TV series as many of the producers are returning, as well as Keanu Reeves taking an executive producer role.

Chad Stahelski is returning to the director’s chair for the pilot episode, which will be shown on Starz, but with Chapter 3 waiting in the wings, we can’t be sure he will take on this role for the foreseeable future.

With no official date for the release of ‘The Continental’, it’s safe to say we at Clubit TV will be keeping an eye out to bring you the latest news for this exciting new series but in the meantime let us know your thoughts on the confirmation of a John Wick TV series in the comments section below

In Bruges – Movie Restrospective

In honour of the film In Bruges celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and the fact that the directors latest film Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri has just been released in the UK, it is time to take a look back at Martin McDonagh’s first feature.

In Bruges tells the story of two hitmen, Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson), who after a botched job, are told by their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes) to hide out in Bruges until the heat is off. But despite Ray’s initial insistence that waiting around in Bruges will be boring, he soon turns out to be very, very wrong.

Despite the seemingly typical hitmen on the run premise, In Bruges does a lot to differentiate itself from the norm. The resulting film is a bizarre mash-up of black comedy, romance, gangster thriller and drama that would normally feel overstuffed or underdeveloped but in McDonagh’s hands turns into something truly surprising. The writing is perhaps the most praised aspect of the film as it invests every one of its characters with a deal of depth and complexity. Almost every character has a moment to shine and has something about them that you can relate to, even the villain surprisingly. And the script manages to pack in some quite surprising twists and turns along the way while also managing to be laugh out loud funny and quite affecting at the same time, without feeling like it is betraying the tone of the film.

But while the script is the most praised aspect of the film a lot of appreciation must also go to the actors, who manage to make these oddball characters feel real and relatable. Farrell and Gleeson are a great double act who complement each other really well on screen when it comes to the humour, but both also invest their characters with an undercurrent of melancholy which when it comes to the forefront, hits in a big way. Ralph Fiennes is also very fun in his turn as the intimidating hitman boss with pretensions of being an honourable Hollywood gangster, but he also manages to make the character feel real mostly by playing him as someone exaggerating for effect rather than a cartoon. All the other bit players showcase a great range of talents. If I had to pick one word to describe the performances it would be, human. Despite them being quite over the top, all of these characters have wants, desires, pasts and most of all flaws. The actors have all homed in on this fact and bring it across in a natural way without it seeming overbearing.

In Bruges

The cinematography is also a treat. While not necessarily being flashy and in your face, the camerawork, lighting and use of focus help to make the city of Bruges feel truly otherworldly, almost like something out of a romantic fairy tale, which makes it even more effective when it is juxtaposed against all the violence and swearing.

The film, of course, does have its flaws. Firstly, the beginning can seem fairly dull on your first watch. It does serve the purpose of introducing us to the characters and their viewpoints of Bruges, but it does still feel like a drag until you are invested in the characters.

Secondly, while many of the characters are quite compelling to watch the lead female character, Chloe, does feel rather inconsequential to the proceedings. Which is not the fault of actress Clémence Poésy, who does the best job she can, more the fault falls on the writing which seemingly just places her as a reward for Farrell’s story rather than a character in her own right.

Finally there is a moment in the last act, (which I will not spoil, you will know it when you see it) which although funny, does require the viewer to stretch their disbelief perhaps a bit too far and could take the audience out of the film for a moment, which is a shame because until that point the film had done a really good job of immersing us in the world of the characters.

In Bruges

There are also things that viewers should bear in mind before they decide to watch the film as it is not for everyone. If you do not like a heavy amount of swearing, very politically incorrect humour, themes of suicide or grisly murder then you might want to give this one a miss.

Having said that, if you can stomach the above elements and have not seen it already then be sure to give In Bruges a watch. It is one of the best British dark comedies of the 2000’s. With very sharp dialogue, clever characterisation a plot that consistently surprises and moving performances that will have you laughing one minute and pulling on your heart-strings in the next. It is not for everyone and has some flaws that may keep it from being perfect, but it does so many things refreshingly right that it’s hard to care.

Why Fortnite: Battle Royale is blowing up the gaming scene

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a game that has bounced into the gaming scene, stealing the spotlight from major FPS competitors, particularly Activision’s Call of Duty WWII. But what is it that makes the game so enjoyable? Of course, the concept, albeit not an original one, (but we won’t get into that) is incredibly thrilling: One hundred players drop into the map, scavenge for supplies and fight to be the final survivor, as a brutal storm slowly decreases the play zone, forcing head-to-head engagements. The satisfaction of overcoming ninety-nine opponents is one of the best feelings in gaming, but what else as helped Fortnite to be so successful?

Let’s start with one of the more obvious ones – it’s free. Jumping onto either console or PC, you can take part in the Battle Royale mode for free. No obligations, no payments, for free. Also, there are no game-changing items locked behind a pay-wall, Fortnite: Battle Royale features cosmetic only micro-transactions, putting the big spenders and the players who are reluctant to splash out in the exact same position. It’s a scenario gamers have been asking for for years now, eradicating pay-to-win techniques and relying purely on player skill – Fortnite does this perfectly. This ultimately comes down to the games’ fantastic developers.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Epic Games have done such a great job in not only making Fortnite as accessible as possible but also making sure the game is updated frequently. And by frequently, I don’t mean every month or so, Epic Games send out updates weekly. Each week either a gameplay tweak, new item or weapon, or in the case of this weeks update, map changes are sprung into Fortnite. None of the changes so far have ruined the original concept of the game, which Epic Games have worked very hard to preserve. Furthermore, in-game changes such as new weapons are available to all players – none are given special treatment – everything can be found in-game, by anyone.

Not only is Fortnite a fantastic game, it’s making a statement in the gaming community. Epic Games are taking traffic away from competitors such as Call of Duty and this is incredibly evident on YouTube. Big gaming channels that usually play Call of Duty are instead uploading Fortnite videos, promoting it over other FPSs. This will really hurt companies such as Activision, and will hopefully be a turning point in modern gaming. Activision has been heavily criticised over the past few years for their approach to micro-transactions and DLC items. At launch, £45 could get you Call of Duty WWII. This price, however, does not include the season pass with the additional maps – this costs £40. So £85 will give you access to Call of Duty WWII and all of its maps, but not to additional weapons. Weapons can be crafted through Activision’s incredibly flawed casino-like Supply Drop system, where players essentially gamble their cash in the hopes of receiving a weapon. On the contrary, Epic Games are showing developers how to properly treat your fans, and that you shouldn’t exploit loyal fans by pushing them to paid DLC content.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Despite not having to, or being pressurised into doing so, I myself have paid for some of Fortnite’s cosmetic items. Why? Because I’m incredibly happy to give my money to support Epic Games – a company who cares so significantly about their players and fans.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China – Game Review

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China is set in 1941 (still, a year before America joined World War 2), the Chinese air force still flying outdated planes were not fairing well against the might of the Japanese air force and asked for help from America. A number of US pilots and air mechanics went to China and formed the AVG – American Volunteer Group. In their new P-40s, the pilots fought tenaciously racking up victory after victory, much to the revere of the Chinese people who said: “They fought like tigers, flying tigers.” And thus the name had been given to this group of brave American pilots.

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China by Ace Maddox, follows some of the exploits of this group, combining elements of flight sim, shooter and strategy. The planes and maps look nice if a little previous gen but definitely immersive enough to keep you engaged in the action.

There are two control styles to choose from; Arcade which allows for easier control of automated manoeuvres in your plane, and Pitch and Roll which gives you actual control of your manoeuvres. This mode is more immersive (especially in cockpit view) but it does take some practice to become proficient. You may find yourself switching between views depending on the mission at hand, example flying in formation in cockpit view can be difficult when you don’t know when your squadron is going to bank or climb but in chase plane view (3rd person) there are arrows to follow, but switching views in no way distracts from the gameplay.

However, since we’re on the topic of 3rd person, it has to be said that the exterior camera is awful. It never seems to be where you want it when you want it. If you turn to look in any direction the camera will move for about a second and a half then centre its self which can be frustrating if you’re on a bombing run as the bombing reticule is below you. That being said, the 1st person bombing reticule is much more fun and immersive to use.

Flying Tigers

The dogfights are extremely fun but can be quite challenging, especially when there is a time limit. There were a few points where I struggled to get the required amount of kills in the allotted time. After playing the same section time after time fail after fail there are points where after you’ve completed the task you don’t so much feel a sense of achievement but more thank god that’s over (which I suppose the pilots must have felt too). True to life, the Japanese planes are more maneuverable and very difficult when they’re in a large group and so whether by design or by way of game physics I cannot say but I found the solution in a documentary which explained how they did it in real life and this tactic seemed to work (bonus points to Ace Maddox).

The campaign is not overly long but may take time to complete sections, however, there are different game modes to play with. These are:

Free Flight where you can choose any plane from the game and any map to fly around. There are no enemies and this mode is just for pure fun and allows you to get used to the different planes, how they handle, what weapons they use etc. the only downside being that the Japanese planes do not have a cockpit view, probably because you don’t use them in the actual game. I would recommend spending some time in this mode (especially if you’re going to use the Pitch and Roll control setting) before you tackle the main campaign.

Dogfights, allows you to choose a plane and as many enemy fighters you want to take on. I found this mode extremely fun as you get all the action of the main game without the pressure of time constraints or mission protocols.

Flying Tigers

Challenges, this mode has a set of challenges which are based on the standard gameplay but are not simple repeats of campaign missions example capture enemy flags. While some of these can be quite hard to get a good score I found them very satisfying to complete.

And then there’s the good old Multiplayer which does as it says on the tin.

Let’s talk about bugs and glitches. This is a very finished game and I actually only encountered one bug where I was fighting a group of enemy bombers and their health bar was not dropping no matter how much I peppered them at point blank range. I exited to the game then reloaded the mission and all worked as it should.

In conclusion. Flying Tigers is a well put together, challenging but satisfying game with plenty of replay value. Whether you’re looking for something to play for fun or even just want something to bide the time until that next triple-A release you’re waiting for, I recommend giving this game a go.

A solid 8/10.

Jumanji 2018 – Movie review

2017 contributed a lot to the world of movies. But it was also the year that defined the idea of sequels that we never asked for but we got them anyway. I never recall asking for Blade Runner 2049, T2: Trainspotting, XXX: The return of Xander Cage and Rings but we got them anyway. That’s not to judge these movies quality as those reviews for another time. But one movie I really do not recall asking for was a sequel to the cult film Jumanji. However, after finally giving it a watch I would like to say that Jumanji is one of those rare sequels that I never asked for and is way better than it has any right to be.

The story concerns a group of four teens, a nerdy guy, an awkward alternative girl, a phone-obsessed popular girl and a typical jock who during detention are told to clean up one of the school’s basements. As they do they find an old video game console with one game to play, Jumanji. After they begin to play out of boredom the kids are sucked into the game and are each the stuck in the bodies of an inappropriate avatar. The nerd becomes musclebound Dwayne Johnson, the awkward girl becomes the intentionally appealing Karen Gillan, the jock becomes stumpy Kevin Hart and the popular girl becomes Jack Black. Now they have to try to get home by completing the game before they run out of lives.

From the setup, it would be very easy to dismiss this as nothing more than throwaway entertainment and to some extent it is. There’s nothing in the story that you have not seen a hundred times before, and there’s very little that you will not see coming from a mile away. The main villain is also completely superfluous and hardly impacts the proceedings at all, to the point where I would forget that he was actually in the film and the CG work ranges from good to really quite poor which can pull people out of the experience.

With that being said, what is here is a surprisingly funny, well judged and in some ways a quite subversive popcorn blockbuster. Everyone in the cast performs their roles well. The teen actors themselves do not do anything more than what is expected of them, but all perform their roles adequately and they all invest a decent amount of heart in the segments where they need to. But this film undoubtedly belongs to the four main players. Johnson, Hart, Gillan and Black all do really admirably in their respective roles and bounce off each other with ease, leading to some very funny scenes that feel really natural.


Gillan and Black are the clear standouts. Gillan continues to play against the typical Hollywood leading lady role, investing her character with a clear sense of awkwardness and inexperience (appropriate, given who she is the avatar for) that is really refreshing to see and Black plays the role of a teenage girl trapped in the body of Jack Black with surprising tact. Add to that the fun of seeing “The Rock” playing a sensitive type and Kevin Harts usual brand of high pitched snark and you have a movie that is a true riot to watch. It would be very easy for all of these characters to become really annoying and in some cases possibly offensive but everyone plays their part with a knowing sense of self-awareness that helps the audience know that the actors are having fun and that you should too.

What’s more the film has a great deal of fun poking fun at video game tropes, including jokes about NPC’s, level progression, checkpoints and in particular Gillan’s status as the only girl in the game which means, of course, her outfit is entirely inappropriate for the environment and a good few jokes are aimed at the common tropes of video game heroines. This makes this movie more fun to watch for gamers than any movie actually based on a video game.

In some places, there are even a few surprises. Initially, before release, the movie stirred up controversy for the way Gillan’s Character was portrayed as a sex object in the marketing, but the fact that the movie goes out of its way to undercut the typical Hollywood eye candy tropes is quite respectable. The movie is also surprising when it comes to the Jack Black character. There are several moments when a lesser movie would have dealt with certain subjects this film brings up in a very uncomfortable way, possibly going for easy, inappropriate jokes but surprisingly those jokes aren’t made and deal with proceedings in a somewhat mature way.


The action scenes are a lot of fun. While it is easy in today’s blockbuster world to become desensitised to the typical big special effects showcase action scenes the film does a good job escalating the stakes to that point and continually does new stuff with the type of creatures and landscapes you can find in a jungle setting.

Finally, if you are wondering, no you do not have to have seen the original Jumanji in order to enjoy this film. There are a few Easter eggs sprinkled here and there for the fans but as a whole, this can be considered a good self-contained sequel, that updates the game and aims to parody rather than enthral, but can still surprise.

In summary, while it is nothing ground-breaking, the plot can seem tired and there are several aspects that really needed polishing up, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle makes up for its flaws by aiming to have a lot of fun with itself. The actors all commit to their roles and the four lead stars make the runtime fly by as they deliver great jokes, with a good amount of self-awareness and excellent chemistry. The lampooning of gaming tropes make this a pleasant watch for anyone who has an appreciation for videogames and in some ways the film can be viewed as quietly progressive in its own way. If you need to escape for an afternoon and just want to enjoy a better than average popcorn film then you can definitely do much worse. I can really see this becoming a guilty pleasure for a new generation.

Paradox Wrench – Game Review

“Paradox Wrench is a first-person puzzle game.

You have agreed to be part of an undisclosed experiment. You will be equipped with a special weapon-like tool. This tool has the ability to switch the physical dimension of certain objects, as well as your own.

There is the normal dimension, which you are used. It collides with everything. Then there is a blue and an orange dimension. These dimensions only collide with the same colour/dimension as well as the normal dimension.

You will have to discover how this strange tool works, using your wit to complete intricate tests.”

As a fan of puzzle games, I was eager to get started with this one. The clean and clinical design is pleasing to the eye and the simplicity seems to make the puzzles more engaging. Many games these days focus on flashy graphics needing a beast of a rig to run. Paradox wrench is a refreshing change focusing more on gameplay than gimmicks.

Paradox wrench

The controls are simple and allow you to get straight into the business of solving puzzles. The idea is to escape the room by manipulating the environment with your special weapon-like tool. Each level begins with a voice which gives you a riddle to solve and the answer is revealed at the end of the level. The levels themselves get progressively more complex and inevitably more frustrating as the game progresses.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game from start to finish. The only problem being that the finish came too soon. I was able to complete the game in less than 2 hours. I would really like to see more levels added and maybe a level editor function so that players can design and share their own levels. Other than that, I think the developer has done a great job and I will be looking forward to future projects from David Mulder.

I would give the game a solid 8/10. This would have been higher if there were more levels!

10 Films Turning 10 Years Old

10 years old

There have been many films over the last ten years that not only have given us compelling plot lines and character arcs but test the boundaries of technological advances for us, the audience. With 2018 here, we at Clubit.TV wanted to give you ten films that are turning 10 years old this year. Here’s a varied selection of those films:

The Dark Knight

As Christopher Nolan’s second film as director, Batman suits up once again as he faces his toughest villain yet, none other than the Academy Winning performance of Heath Ledger’s, The Joker.

10 years old

Pineapple Express

A process server and his dealer go on the run after witnessing a murder, dealing with corrupt police and hitmen along the way.

10 years old

Wall – E

Wall – E, a waste collecting robot embarks on a journey through space, meeting the love of his life and ultimately deciding the fate of the universe.

Tropic Thunder

This satirical comedy follows the career of Tugg Speedman and a group of actors who are forced to face reality and become the real soldiers they are portraying when their director goes AWOL.

10 years old

Gran Torino

Walt Kowalski, a retired Korean war veteran, attempts to help his neighbour turn his life around after he’s caught trying to steal his most loved possession, his 1972 Gran Torino.

10 years old

Step Brothers

Two middle-aged men, still living with their parents, are forced to become roommates when their parents marry, against their will.

10 years old

Mamma Mia

This musical tells the story of Sophie, a bride to be whose goal is to find her father before her big day.

10 years old

Iron Man

After a playboy billionaire is kidnapped and forced to create weapons of mass destruction, he indeed creates a weapon of mass destruction, just not for them.

10 years old

Slumdog Millionaire

A Mumbai teen reflects on his upbringing of petty crime and small jobs in the slums when he is accused of cheating on the Indian version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

10 years old

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tells the story of a man who ages like anyone else, but backwards with weird consequences.

10 years old

CES 2018 Gets Underway in Las Vegas

CES 2018, build up

Hot on the heels of the new year, convention season has begun once more, and this year start is marked firmly with the CES 2018 stamp. Going strong since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show is a thing of wonder and beauty, with many new technical gadgets being unveiled to the public for the very first time. This year, of course, is no exception and Clubit is your best source to find out what’s hot, and what’s not in the world of technological advancement!

We’ve already had several announcements revealed, from the mirror that points out your wrinkles and spots, to the Android camera from Bellus 3D that allows you to take 3D spinnable selfies, not to forget the resident celebrity Sophia, along with her team from Hanson Robotics.
This year the trend seems to be moving towards integrating robots, AI and augmented reality into daily life and of course, you want the “ultimate in simplicity when managing your smart home”. LG’s marketing chief David Vanderwaal thought he had just that in the robot lovingly called CLOi (Pronounced Klo-ee) created to control your smart home, keep your diary and remind you of appointments amongst other tasks, at the unveiling she did just that… until the moment CLOi decided that she didn’t want to help Vanderwaal, ignoring his queries and commands for the majority of her stage time. This slight setback for LG already has people going onto social media with “RIP CLOi 2018-2018” as well as joking she’s a feminist that didn’t want to do any work in the kitchen. Of course, this is just the start of CES, perhaps CLOi just had a bit of stage fright and will be more productive later on in the week.

On that note of misbehaving technology, Brian Krzanich, Intel’s chief exec has revealed that 90% of processors and products from the past 5 years suffering from the Meltdown and Spectre bugs will be patched within a week.

CES 2018

To follow up with more good news, HTC has announced an enhanced version of Vive, its virtual reality headset. The Vive Pro boasts 2 OLED screens with 2880 by 1600 pixels resolution, which is an impressive 78% greater than the current model. With both models using Intel’s WiGig technology to connect to computers running a game or simulation, this could certainly be one to keep an eye on.

But what if VR isn’t for you? In that case, Samsung is showcasing their 146 inches Modular TV “The Wall”. Considered superior to OLED screens as it offers deep blacks and brighter highlights thanks to Micro LED, it can also allow for custom sized televisions to be built.
Although this could prove to be expensive for both customers and Samsung, it does put them in direct competition with rivals that prefer to use OLED technology.
But with all this technology, all these new products, one could start to wonder how best to control it all. This year Google brings us the new rival to Alexa, of course like Alexa, you can interact with it through Android TV’s and smart speakers, Google Assistant, however, can control over 1,500 devices so is certainly going to shake up Alexa’s “tens of millions” profit levels.

Stay tuned to for the latest information on the best (and the rest) tech being shown at CES 2018.

A preview to Airecon 2018


We are looking forward to our first visit to Airecon. It is a board gaming convention in North Yorkshire that has been on our radar, but we have not yet been to yet. If you have no idea what Airecon is, it is a fun, inclusive and family-friendly convention at the Harrogate Convention Centre, 9th-11th March 2018. It has loads space for open gaming, a trader and exhibitor area, a large RPG (role-playing gaming) zone, a huge board game library, a bring and buy, fun events, a family zone and much more.

Hang-on on a second, did you say, “…board gaming convention…”? Surely there are only a few board games in existence? How can that afford a whole convention? Most of them are for children, you only haul them out of the attic at Christmas or are not THAT much fun? Surely there is not much to discuss when it comes to Scrabble, Risk or Uno? Next, you will be telling me people gather to sit around talking about the subtle variations in the colour of paint as it dries!

Just take a second and let us explain. Around the turn of the century, there was a board and card game revolution with games like ‘Magic the Gathering’ and ‘Settles of Catan’ being published. Others soon followed with new before unheard of mechanisms being introduced and developed. Some, like ‘King of Tokyo’, took existing game ideas at their core (in this case Yahtzee) and created a brilliant game of monsters fighting for supremacy in and outside the city of Tokyo. If you have never played it and someone owns a copy, go play it!


Other games have followed, like the train-themed, ‘Ticket to Ride’ where you try to establish train routes across the landscape in the early 1900’s. There is also ‘Pandemic’ a board game in which you work together to cure diseases across the world before uncontrollable epidemics break-out. That is to name but two. Just to give you a little perspective, in 2017 over 800 games were published! Yes, 800. It was not a typo. Many who follow the board gaming industry closely, have said that 2017 has been one of the best years for board gaming.

So, it is with great expectation that we are attending our first Airecon convention. There we would be looking to video (if we have the time and the opportunity):

  • The board games being played.
    An interview with, straight from Canada, Rodney Smith host of the YouTube channel “Watch it Played” and the other board game online channels including ‘No Pun included’.
  • An interview the publisher CGE (Czech Gaming Edition). They published the hugely popular game, Codenames.
    The Travelling man board game library.

If any of this has grabbed your interest then check-out Airecon’s website or (if you live too far away) look-up our videos when we return to see what you missed.



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