You Can Control This Drone From Your Smartphone and VR Headset

Micro Drone 3.0 with VR Headset
Micro Drone 3.0 with VR Headset

The Micro Drone 3.0 has an HD camera that streams to your Smartphone and can be viewed using a VR headset.

Extreme Fliers have come back with their third installment of Micro Drones with the 3.0. Their most advanced drone yet now comes with an HD camera and advanced stabilisation.

The Micro Drone 3.0 flies uses Dual Control and can be controlled via a radio controller or with your smartphone. When using your smartphone, the Micro Drone 3.0’s HD camera is streamed straight to your phone.

Micro Drone 3.0 at London Toy Fair 2017
Micro Drone 3.0 at London Toy Fair 2017

To take things even further, the Micro Drone 3.0 can also be used with the VR viewers to give you an FPV (first person view).

The lightweight drone is easy to control as well as fast. It has been designed as a modular drone, meaning you can take off any non-essential parts (such as the casing) to use it as a racing drone.

Check out the video of the VR Micro Drone 3.0 in action.

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New Funko Pop! Vinyls Collectables Range For 2017

Power Rangers Pop Figures

We went to the London toy fair 2017 and caught up with the team at Underground Toys to show off the new Funko Pop Vinyl range.

British company, Underground Toys, are the exclusive distributors for Funko Pop! Vinyls across the Europe and the USA. The Pop Vinyl range brings us interesting and fun pop culture collectibles that has now expanded to over 1,500 figures!

Their 2017 range adds some collectables for some of the most popular movies coming up. Check out our video to see what you can expect from the Pop! Vinyls range this year.

Some of the most notable additions are the new Beauty and the Beast, Power Rangers and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 figures, based on the new movies coming out this year.

The new Pop! Vinyls are covering all sorts of genres from Star Wars to Harry Potter and Strangers Things to Dr. Who. There really is something for everyone.

Mickey Mouse Pop! Vinyl Figure
Mickey Mouse Pop! Vinyl Figure at London Toy Fair 2017

As well as distributing for Funko, Underground Toys also produces accessories like keychains and gloves to electronics and homeware like toasters, USB’s and headphones as well as other such things.

Their latest ranges include licensed Star Wars homeware such as Darth Vader cake moulds, light saber BBQ tongs and a BB-8 waffle maker. Check out the video below. Skip to about 1:00 for the Star Wars products.

Funko Pop @ London Toy Fair 2017

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4 VR Gaming Trends Possible In 2017

VR Headset

The world of virtual reality for gaming is evolving rapidly, making it difficult to predict what might be around the corner. We’re seeing everyone from independent app developers to high-end gaming companies working on brand new experiences that can be enjoyed across a wide range of headsets. This makes for seemingly limitless potential. What we do know is that there’s going to be a lot of fun stuff on the way. But as for which genres, games, and styles will push to the forefront of the market, we really have no idea!

Nevertheless, here are a few semi-educated guesses as to the trends we may see over the course of 2017.

1Simpler Games Will Emerge

It almost seems counterintuitive to suggest that VR games will become simpler, rather than larger and more complex. But one write-up of possible trends for the year made the interesting point that some more simple games seem ripe for the picking. The article specifically pointed to card battle games and old school RPGs as a few categories that VR developers seem likely to take advantage of. Games like these can thrive by resurrecting familiar experiences that can be played in a sort of VR tabletop format—without requiring the creation of robust 3D environments, or accounting for too much physical action. It could be an easier route for VR developers to take without sacrificing consumer interest or sales.

2Casino Gaming Will Establish A Foothold

We covered card battle games already, but why not other types of card games? It may seem a bit outside the mainstream but casino gaming still thrills a huge number of players all around the world. It may be a more natural fit for VR than you think. As it happens, the internet casino business has already approached the idea of a twist on virtual reality by way of the creation of live dealer games. An overview of casino gaming options describes these as games based on video streaming technology that allow players to stream professional dealers while they play. That’s about as interactive as digital gaming can get, and seems to set the stage nicely for a future transition to VR. There has been one poker game released already—but don’t be surprised to see a much larger exploration of this genre in 2017.

3AR On Mobile Isn’t Done Yet

This isn’t technically connected to the “VR Industry” as we usually think of it—typically involving goggles and headsets—but augmented reality (AR) is still very much a part of this conversation. As this list of ideas about gaming trends for the year ahead pointed out, there are plenty of games on the way looking to imitate the success of Pokémon GO. That doesn’t mean the games will be identical (there have been rumors of a Harry Potter GO about hunting magical creatures), but the idea of using a phone camera to facilitate AR activity hasn’t been tapped out just yet.

4VR Arcades May Emerge

In-home virtual reality gaming seems to be here to stay, but it’s not without its issues. There are still problems related to movement with some games (there’s only so much space to jump around at home), and a lot of average consumers are hesitant to buy the expensive headsets and high-end devices needed to run them. In part because of these issues, another look at possible VR trends predicted that we’d see a rise in VR arcade facilities, in China specifically. But we’re guessing that trend could spread around the world. Virtual reality could represent a new era of arcade gaming where people actually go to a destination to enjoy pay-to-play games that can be even more immersive than those on home headsets.

Nokia 3310 Is Making a Return In 2017

Nokia 3310 Re-launch

Leaked reports show that HMD – the company with the license to make Nokia branded phones – are releasing a new Nokia 3310 in 2017.

Reports from VentureBeat seem to suggest that the manufacturer will be relaunching the much-loved Nokia 3310. 7 years after it’s 2000 release, the iconic phone could be making a comeback.

The announcement is expected to officially be made at the Nokia HMD event on 26th February, alongside two new Nokia smartphones – Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.

Nokia is likely hoping that nostalgia-gripped tech lovers pick up the new Nokia 3310 as a second phone to their smartphone at just €59 (around £49). The 3310 was best known for its sturdiness, long battery life and interchangeable cases.

It’s likely that Nokia are also using the Nokia 3310 as a marketing ploy to draw attention to its new smartphones. The Nokia 5 is said to be priced at €199 (£168) and is a step down from the Nokia 6 that was launched in China last year. The 6 is likely to be launched worldwide at this event.

Snake on the Nokia 3310
Snake on the Nokia 3310

They will also be announcing an entry-level android device, the Nokia 3, that will be priced at a very reasonable €149 (£126).

In all honesty, we’re just hoping the Nokia 3310 still has Snake.

Get Creative With Mad Mattr – The Sand/Play-Doh Hybrid

Mad Mattr at London Toy Fair

Fun for adults and kids, Mad Mattr is perfect for creative children to play without making a mess.

“The most fun doh you will ever know!” You might have heard of kinetic sand before. It’s dry sand that has special properties that make it act like wet sand. Mad Mattr has taken things to a new level. It takes on more of a Play-Doh style play.

Pick up Mad Mattr and you won’t be able to put it down. You can mold it, squeeze it, squidge it and strrretch it. A very relaxing experience and great fun.

Mad Mattr is gluten-free, casein-free, and toxin-free and it never dries out. It’s fun for kids and adults and gets your imagination going with full on creativity.

Mad Mattr and Kinetic Sand
Kinetic Sand comes in three colours and Mad Mattr comes in six colours

Mad Mattr Is –

  • Unique molding Doh for fun quality time with the children
  • Mold it, squeeze it, squash it, stretch it.
  • Great for mind therapy, calmness, fun and building imagination, and creativity.
  • No mess and easy to tidy up afterward
  • Collect multiple colors and mix them to create a Mad Mattr rainbow
  • Available in Blue, green, pink, teal, purple and red
  • Gluten-free, casein-free, toxin-free – Exceptionally safe and long-lasting

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3 Most Famous Children’s Toys Of All Time


Year in and year out, we find the same toys topping Christmas and birthday lists. These are the most famous children’s toys of all time that are still popular today.

Famous Children’s Toys: In recent years there have been some hugely popular kids toys. Wet Head and Hatchimals hit the jackpot last Christmas, however, there are a select few toys that stand out from the rest. We’ve chosen the top three toys that have stood the test of time.

3The Rubik’s Cube

Invented in 1974 in Budapest by Professor Erno Rubik, the Rubik’s Cube has gone on to be one of the best selling toy puzzles of all time. The 3D puzzle has baffled many people’s brains and likely will do for many more years.

There are even annual competitions/tournaments for the masters of the Rubik’s Cube and it has become an art form of its own.

2 Barbie

The inspiration for Barbie came from American businesswoman, Ruth Handler. The doll was then manufactured by the American toy-company, Mattel inc. and launched in March of 1959.

Mattel inc. now sell on average 100,000,000 Barbie dolls worldwide every year. With hundreds of variations and thousands of collectors, it’s no wonder Barbie made it onto our list.

Barbie also made it onto our list as one of the most expensive children’s toys.


Of course, the only toy that could take the number one spot would be Lego.

Created in 1932 in a Danish carpentry workshop, Lego has continued into the 21st century as one of the best selling toys in history. Lego has managed to stay popular by not only releasing toy bricks, but also board games, movies and even a resort, Lego Land.

Even to this day, almost every child has had Lego. Some have taken it more seriously With more building sets and more advanced pieces, the possibilities endless with Lego. The freedom and creativity is what makes it really one of the most famous children’s toys.

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YoYo’s Are Back And More Advanced Than Ever

YoYo Factory at London Toy Fair 2017

Who didn’t love YoYos? They were one of the biggest crazes of the 90s and early 2000s. Well, they’re back and more advanced than ever!

Originally from Ancient Greece, YoYos were known as Bandalore. They were made famous in the 1920s and grew bigger during the 1960s and 1990s.

YoYo Factory was founded in 2003 by USA based Yo-Yo superstar YoHans. YoYo Factory focuses on creating yo-yos that make playing more enjoyable. We came across them at London Toy Fair 2017, where they showed off some of their yo-yos and tricks. One of our junior Clubit presenters had a chance to learn a couple of tricks.

Their range of yo-yos accommodate for beginners (Ten Trick £3.99), intermediate (FAST 201 £9.99) and advanced (DV888 £22.99). One of their most versatile yo-yos is the Velocity, shown in our video above. The adjustable bearing means you can use it for simple throwing, or at the turn of a dial turn it into a performance yo-yo.

YoYo Factory also sponsor a number of competitive yo-yoers at the World Yo-Yo Contest.

You can learn some jaw-dropping yo-yo tricks and impress everyone with your new skills!

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Magician Meets Magician – Childhood Hero Marvin’s Magic! London Toy Fair 2017

Mattiello Magic meets Marvin's Magic

“We had a conversation and decided to show each other a trick using a regular deck of cards. From Magician to Magician, I feel like we amazed each other!”

The London toy fair 2017 was brilliant! It was my first time to attend the annual convention with the Clubit team and I got to talk to some great people. One of those people was Marvin Berglas. Marvin is the founder of the highly rated children’s magic brand Marvins Magic. For 30 years, Marvin’s Magic has produced children’s magic sets. Some of those children have become some of the greatest magicians of today.

Where It All Started

Marvin’s dad is a magician and psychological illusionist called David Berglas, he is respected and admired from magicians all over the world, including Celebrity magicians too.

David was the president of the Inner Magic Circle in London, one of the most prestigious magic clubs/societies in the world.

He has been featured on TV many times and even Channel 4’s famous psychological illusionist Derron Brown is a fan of David’s work. In Derron’s book Trick of the Mind, he explains that David taught him a no-lose system to beating the roulette by writing it on a napkin! Derron has that napkin signed and framed in his office. David Berglas is an incredibly smart man.

David Berglas is well known for creating something called the ‘Berglas Effect‘, also known as the ‘Holy Grail’ – something that fools magicians everywhere and is all over YouTube.

His son, Marvin founded Marvin’s Magic in 1987 and for 30 years has been a credit to magic. His Children’s magic sets have been sold globally by the biggest retailers including Argos, Hamleys, Amazon, and many more!

Marvin’s magic sets are box sets with lots of magic tricks for children to learn. They include all the props needed and they come with instruction manuals.

My Trick

As a magician myself, I was very excited to meet Marvin. When I met him, he was a very humble, nice man. We had a conversation and decided to show each other a trick using a regular deck of cards. From magician to magician, I feel like we amazed each other.

I took the deck, shuffled it, and asked Marvin to pick a card, he placed it back into the pack and I shuffled again, placing the mixed deck on the table.

I asked him to name a number from 10-20, he said 14.

Here was my claim -“Marvin, If I could cut fourteen cards (your randomly thought of number) from the top without counting them and the next card was your card, would you be impressed?”

He said Yes. I cut a packet from the top, placed it next to him, asked what his card was, he said 5 of Spades, I turned the next card over and BINGO! The 5 of Spades was staring at him.

I then said “When you look at that small packet I cut off, what are you dying to do? He said to count them. He picked the packet up, counted them, and BINGO AGAIN! 14 cards exactly!

There were a few people watching and they all applauded, Marvin included.

Marvins Trick -Torn and Restored Card

One of the highlights of my day, watching Marvin perform.

After my trick, he asked if I wanted to see one. I said YES! He took the same deck, shuffled it, asked me to pick a card (it was the 4 of Clubs) and shuffled it into the deck.

He placed the deck behind his back and took a card out without looking. It was my card! Marvin then ripped the card, gave me one corner as a receipt, and vanished the remaining pieces.

Now here is my favorite part. He gave the deck a slight riffle and one card popped out reversed from the center. It was my 4 of clubs, restored! The corner piece he gave me matched proving it was the exact card and not a duplicate card. Brilliant!

I don’t think me and Marvin actually fooled each other, but we didn’t intend to. What we did do is share our wonderful craft, the art of magic.

Meeting Marvin was truly a magical experience. He’s friendly, magical and an inspiration to lots magicians and entrepreneurs.

Check out the footage below, it’s magical and entertaining. If you like the magic, give it a share, watching two magicians doing magic to each other is not something you see every day!

If you are interested in booking a magician for your wedding, party or corporate event, go to Mattiello Magic.


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BeatMoovz Is The Amazing Wearable Tech Adds a Soundtrack To Your Life

BeatMoovz London Toy Fair 2017

At some point, we’ve all wished we had a soundtrack to our life, just like in the movies. BeatMoovz is one step closer to that being a reality.

BeatMoovz is the wearable tech like no other. Other wearable tech tracks your movements to show you how many calories you’ve burnt, others send notifications from your phone to your wrist. BeatMoovz, however, tracks your movement to create music.

With The BeatMoovz wristbands, you create your own beats as you move. You can programme it with over 400 sounds, including hip hop beats, robotic sounds and kung fu sound effects.

Our junior clubit presenters had great fun with BeatMooz at London Toy Fair. You can watch the video below.

With this exciting product, you can fasten the band to your wrist and ankles and not only does your it convert your actions into music, but also into on-screen visuals! Just imagine what you can do with a touch of creativity! Whilst being great fun, they can also be incredible for musicians, dancers, performers and artists.

BeatMoovz at London Toy Fair
BeatMoovz at London Toy Fair

You no longer have to move to the beat. The beat is created to your movement.

BeatMoovz is expected to be available around June and will cost around £49.99.

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Can You Tell The Difference Between Fake Tech And Real Tech?

Doorless car at CES 2017

Tech is moving so fast that science fiction is starting to become reality. But can you tell the difference between which tech has been made up and which tech is real?

How did you do? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share!



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