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Mighty Beanz are BACK for 2019 – this time with Fortnite!


The new range of Mighty Beanz collectible toys are here.

Remember Mighty Beanz? Well, they’re back for 2019 and are they’re bigger than ever! We had a look at the Mighty Beanz stand at the London Toy Fair 2019 and got all the latest details.

The new range consists of over 100 Beanz to collect, trade and play. We met with Catherine from Character Toys who told us all about them and showed off some of the awesome accessories and Bean packs.

New for 2019 are the Series 2 green pods with a whole host of new Beanz, all with different powers and designs. There are 140 Beanz to collect in Series 1 and the new series adds even more!

The new 8-bean Slam Pack is super fun! It contains eight Beanz and is opened by slamming down on the top with your fist. After a short pause, it magically cracks open and flings the Beanz into the air!

Mighty Beanz 8-Bean Slam Pack
Slammin’ down on the Mighty Beanz Slam Pack

We also tried the Slammer Time Race Track which allows two Beanz to race down a track. After a quick slam down on the launch pad, we were off! Catherine showed us her skills and thoroughly beat us down the race track – all good fun, though!

We also saw the special Mighty Beanz Fortnite four-pack which consist of 35 new characters from the hit video game franchise. If you’re keen on Fortnite, you’ll love ’em!

As you can see from the video above, we thought the Mighty Beanz were really fun and we’re sure that the Fortnite collaboration will get even more people on board with the Beanz.