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X-Morph Defense – PlayStation 4 Review

By James Stephenson


X-Morph Defence is another instalment of a tower based defence game with the added extra of controlling a winged attacking spacecraft. The story is based on your alien species targeting earth, to conquer and become your new home!

The main menu is basic and easy to navigate. There are 2 modes to play, which is the story campaign either solo or multiplayer. That’s it! There is also a ‘Help & Options’ and also ‘Leaderboard’. These are very self-explanatory. The layout has a very arcade feel to it, which kept throughout the menu screens and gameplay.

Now let’s get into the game. You firstly watch an opening sequence that sets you up for the first Mission. In this sequence you watch your alien leader decide which planet he wants to inhabit. After a few moments, you’re straight into the game. After a few tutorials about shooting and how to build turrets, it’s your turn to fight. Defend the core at your peril! The enemy comes round the route that is designed on the map.


The first mission guides you through the effects of the turrets and different enemies and their weapon types. Your ship has a couple of weapons to choose from. One of these is a machine blaster that shoots many phasers and the other is a charge blast that deals a lot of damage to many enemies in a straight line. To shoot you push the right stick in all directions. This rotates your ship around as you shoot. The controls are quite hard to get used to at first but after a few tries, I got the hang of it all!

There are 5 waves you have to survive to reach the ‘boss’ wave. The boss in the first mission is a spider-like monster tank, which takes quite a lot of damage to overall kill. I recommend that you use your charge blaster on its legs as it deals a lot of damage to the tank. Once the boss is defeated, you have victory over the human enemies. Move onto the next mission and inhabit the earth!!

First impressions are very good! X-Morph boasts great graphics and very smooth gameplay. This is key as a lot can happen at once and it needs to be quick to keep up! There are plenty of help during the first mission that sets you up to conquer the rest!


Each mission is set in different countries and overall there are 14 missions. The locations cover from England to Argentina, to the USA!! During all missions, there is a chance you may die! If that’s the case don’t worry as you regenerate around the core after a few seconds. However, the enemies still can attack their route and give damage to the core. If the core gets destroyed you can restart the Mission from the last checkpoint. Rewards are gained after each mission and they range from upgrade points to Technologies points.

One down point I do have for X-Morph Defense is that the Co-Op story isn’t actually online. This mode is based on local players and can only have 2 on at a go. This is where I believe that the game could really expand and attract more players. If you could have joined up with other online players and worked as a team with people you don’t know, I believe this would have enhanced the overall gameplay with more communication and listening skills.

Overall X-Morph Defense is a very addictive, challenging game that actually makes you think on different strategies to reach your goal in defeating the enemy. I will definitely return to playing this game again!

Overall Score: 8/10