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A Brief Overview of the Super Bowl Adverts

By Jack Cullum

Super Bowl

I really know next to nothing about the Super Bowl. I know it’s an American event, I think American football. Thing is, I don’t really care about any type of sport anyway, so the Super Bowl is just another sport that doesn’t interest me. However, I will stay up on the night of the Super Bowl and wait for the adverts to release. Mainly for the trailers. Because the trailers are easily the best bit about the Super Bowl.

This year, we got a good mix of trailers. Some that excite me beyond belief, and some that just make me laugh.

I’ll start with the trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. For a bit of context, I adore the original Jurassic Park. The sequels are okay. Jurassic World was an okay film, but I don’t feel it was needed at all. And I feel it’s going to be the same for this film. The soundtrack sounds amazing, Chris Pratt is always enjoyable to watch and I’m sure the film will be exciting at times. However, I really don’t like the angle with genetically ‘upgrading’ the dinosaurs. That just seems silly to me and takes away the charm from the films, which is that all these dinosaurs did once exist! Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be an okay film.

The next film I’m talking about is called “Skyscraper.” It stars everybody’s favourite, Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. I swear five years ago the Rock appeared in quite a few films, but nothing excessive. But now he seems to have a film out every three months! This film, while it’s concept is unique, seems like a very standard film for the Rock. It looks simplistic, predictable and a bit forgettable. I’m sure it’ll be a great summer blockbuster, but I would expect it to have a big impact on the industry.

This next trailer really surprised me. When Star Wars: A Solo Story was announced, I wasn’t interested. Rogue One was a great idea for a spinoff, I didn’t feel the same for Solo. He’s a great character, but when there are so many more corners of the galaxy to explore, Han Solo seems a lazy choice. The lack of marketing material also didn’t give me hope. And then this trailer dropped. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. The trailer is exciting, the music is great, and it looks like it’s going to have some great world building. I’m a big fan of Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clarke, and I personally don’t think Alden Ehrenreich is doing a bad job. I’m quite excited really.

I don’t think anyone was expecting Cloverfield: Paradox to happen. I really liked 10 Cloverfield Lane and was excited by the prospect of another film. However, when there was no advertising for it, I assumed the worst. Then suddenly a trailer dropped, and it’s now been released on Netflix. It’s certainly a unique form of advertising, but I’ve got to admit I think it’s a pretty great way of going about it. Sadly, the film isn’t getting the most favourable reviews, but I’m hopeful.

I saved best to last. Avengers: Infinity War got a thirty-second advert and I am thrilled. I have truly never been so excited about anything. I’ve seen every Marvel film, I read my fair share of comics and I truly believe that the MCU is a true landmark in film history. I am confident that Infinity War will be one of the most significant film releases in decades. A culmination of so many heroes, storylines and hype. I cannot wait. The two trailers we have so far have been near to perfect, not revealing too much while still managing to excite. I just cannot wait to see Spider-Man interreacting with Rocket Racoon.

That’s my thoughts about the Super Bowl adverts or at least the ones that stood out to me. There are a few I’ve missed, but only because I have little to say regarding them. Maybe next year I’ll actually understand what the Super Bowl is about. In the meantime why don’t you let us know your thoughts in the comments section below? And remember for all your Toy, Tech and Gaming news check Clubit.tv daily