Zanco tiny t1 Featured on Unbox Therapy!!!!


The Zanco tiny t1 continues to take the world by storm and whilst there are hundreds of videos on YouTube featuring the Zanco tiny t1 – the world’s Smallest Phone, Probably the biggest one to date is Unbox Therapy!

It’s always good to see our friends being successful and Unbox therapy is yet another massive tick on the ever-growing list of globally recognised brands such as Unilad and Business insider that have fallen in love with and reported on the Zanco tiny t1.

While it is great to see the video from Unbox Therapy explode on twitter we feel we have to warn you that there is little more than a week left to pledge to the Kickstarter campaign and guarantee your very own Zanco tiny t1 in just a few weeks.


Unbox Therapy


With over 2500 backers and climbing the Zanco tiny t1 is going to be the must-have gadget of 2018 and if you’re not convinced that you need one yet, here are a few reasons from the Kickstarter campaign:

  • It’s the ‘must have’ gadget of 2018 – If you’re a gadget geek, you have got to have this!
  • It’s an ideal backup or emergency phone! – It’s so small you can keep in your bag, pocket or glove compartment as a secondary phone.
  • It’s so damn cute!
  • The perfect novelty gift – What do you buy someone who’s got everything?
  • Use it when you need to travel light – The tiny t1 is perfect for joggers, runners, walkers, cyclists and those who take part in extreme sports because it’s so compact it can go in any size pocket.
  • It’s great as a backup on a night out and any occasion where you don’t want to carry a bulky phone but still want the reassurance of staying connected.
  • It’s a great conversation starter, as soon as you take the tiny t1 out, you’ll be the talk of the pub, office or classroom.
  • Overseas travel – The Zanco tiny t1 is so small it can go wherever you go.

So head over to Kickstarter now and grab your very own Zanco tiny t1 or if you are reading this article after the Kickstarter ended then head over to for the latest information.