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YouTube Stuns Smaller Channels With New Monetisation Rules

By Badger Chadwick


YouTube stunned millions of smaller channels today with changes to its YouTube Partnership Program (YPP) as a response to the high profile backlash over Logan Paul Japan video last week.

In a move that seems to punish smaller YouTube Content Creators any channel with below 1000 subscribers and less than 4,000 hours watch time in the last 12 months will no longer be able to monetise their videos. This is a major blow to millions of small yet original and creative channels that are producing fantastic and amazing content week in week out.

The backlash to this new policy change has completely dominated twitter today with many channel owners outright accusing Youtube of punishing smaller, innocent channels in order to protect the big stars on its platform like Logan Paul.

Many channels, like Pirate Viking Gaming, have expressed concern at how they are supposed to grow and meet the threshold required by the new YouTube Partnership Progam when videos that are not monetised don’t get fed into the trending algorithm.


The majority of small channels have taken to subbing to channels in the hope of helping people reach the 1000 subscription mark in order to maintain the option to monetise videos but unfortunately, without 4000 hours of watch time, the number of subscribers doesn’t matter.

This change in the Youtube Partnership is not long after the fallout from the “adpocolypse” which saw thousands of gaming channels make the permanent move from YouTube to Twitch

What do you think of the new monetisation rules by YouTube? Do you think they are fair? Do you think this could be the end of the platform altogether and see a mass exodus to other platforms such as Twitch?

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