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Vivid Toy Group’s London Toy Fair 2018 Range

By Badger Chadwick


Vivid Toy Group is one of the UK biggest Toy distributors and their stand at London Toy fair 2018 really showed that. Easily one of the biggest stands at the exhibition and catering for all tastes, ages and interests with a wide range of toys that included everything from Crayola to YouTube celebrities such as Tiana of the YouTube channel Toys and Me.






During our visit to the Vivid stand, we picked out three products we thought would be of interest to our clubit.tv audience and we will quickly run you through them below.

First up is the brand new to the UK light tag game Recoil (see video above).A wonderful mixture of mobile phone apps and wireless technology designed to get kids off of the computer and outside engaging in social activities. Utilising a wireless hub the gives a 250m in all directions “battlefield” players take part in a traditional laser tag style gun fight. Where Recoil differs from its competitors though is the mobile phone app. The app along with the wifi hub allows players to see motion tracking of every player in the game as well as setting up game lobbies and scoring rules.

The game also as an indoor mode that tracks your kills and deaths as well as keeping score. With up to 16 players in a single game, we can see Recoil being incredibly popular when it launches later this year.

Next up is the impressive range of RC drones that fall under the Sky Viper brand. These drones scale up in features as you progress through the range but all are designed to bridge the gap between entry-level drones and the expert stunt drones. With one touch launch, hover and land controls, as well as a stunt button, these drones are designed to be accessible to all.

With features ranging from a standard accessible drone to full video streaming capability, GPS navigation and Surface scanning technology the Sky Viper range offers something for everyone regardless of your flying ability.

Finally Vivid was more than happy to talk to us about their VRSE range.designed to bridge the gap between free mobile VR apps and high-end gaming virtual reality such as PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. The VRSE range currently consists of two themed sets. The First one is a Jurassic World themed headset that comes with a stun baton themed motion controller and a Batman-themed headset that is complete with a Batarang themed motion controller.

Both games feature a 2-3 hour story mode as well as an arcade mode for added replayability. In Jurassic World, you face the perils of the Jurassic kingdom as you fend off attacks from multiple dinosaurs and in Batman, you are charged with defending Gotham City from the maniacal Joker and his henchmen.

Which of these three vivid products was your favourite? As Always let us know what you think in the comment section below and for all your Toys, Tech and Gaming news, remember to check back at clubit.tv daily.