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Strikers Edge – PS4 review

By Richard Winstone


Strikers Edge, developed by Portuguese Indie Developer Fun Punch Games and published through Playdius, a two-person team made up of an artist and a programmer are releasing their first game on PC and PS4 on the 30th of January 2018, Fun Punch Games have both a twitter and Facebook Page detailing their development of the game with some stunning concept art and some interesting insights into the development process, a refreshing treat we seldom get to see.

The arena-based 1v1 or 2v2 battle take the principle of dodgeball adding a deadly medieval element where the ball is replaced with an array of weaponry from bows and arrows to fantasy elemental attacks and shuriken. Each character known as strikers have their own basic weaponry, play style super attack and abilities, there are 8 strikers to choose from with battles happening over 4 arenas’ all with their own individual look feel and obstacles.

The game has several modes I would suggest the story mode, to begin with, it introduces you gently into the gameplay with each round progressing with difficulty as you hunt down the evil Gnaeus who is the protagonist in the mythical world of Gea. Once you have mastered your striker there is both local and online multiplayer to contend with, so if you’re looking to have some fun with friends or family or looking to get competitive with online play, Strikers Edge has the capacity to entertain you regardless of your objective.

Strikers Edge

Eir the Valkyrie my initial choice of striker was easy to pick up and play, her primary weapon is a Javelin, that can be thrown with a simple tap or charged where her powers allow for the javelin to increase in size and cause greater damage upon a successful strike on your opponent, Eir’s special move leaves a trail of fire over the path the last javelin took, which is great for taking advantage and trapping your opponent in a corner allowing for some extra damage, Eir also has the useful ability to regain health when blocking, allowing for additional tactical play I suggest saving the limited blocking abilities until you have taken some damage to improve your chances.

There is a curve of difficulty with the strikers with Urgul and Tamsin being the most difficult but also more powerful when mastered. My personal favourite is Argalus the Spartan with his spear and area of effect special attack throwing his might shield and knocking back the opponent giving the chance to quickly follow up on the attack, Argalus also has the ability to improve his defence reducing damage after a successful block.

Personal Thoughts on the Title:

Strikers Edge is a fun easy to play difficult to master title and a good first instalment for Fun Punch Games, there is a degree of backstory to each striker and a noticeable difference in gameplay between them. The retro graphics are a great addition with the simplicity of the games control system it will take many of you back to our childhood before games became overly complex, anyone can pick up this game and play it although as mentioned mastering the game does require some time and skill.

Overall Score – 6/10