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STEMS is an Innovative and Creative Approach to Learning

By Michael Law


While we have brought you many exciting and innovative products from London Toy Fair 2018, it’s great to have a product that has an educational purpose as well as being fun and engaging… and this is STEMS.

STEMS (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) is an educational product that aims to teach and inform Geometry. Stems extend the boundaries of play and is a fun and captivating way for children to develop Problem-solving, Fine motor coordination, and 3D understanding.


As well as learning and connecting, STEMS allows you to create exciting and interesting shapes and objects. There is no end to the fun you can have and not only is this fun and appealing to children, this isn’t connected to technology. We as a society have become dependent on technology as a whole and use this as a way to inform and educate our children, while this goes the complete opposite way by encouraging tactile learning. STEMS has been described at Edinburgh International Science Festival as “The most fascinating conversation your hands will ever have with your brain!”


As well as promoting tactile learning, this gives parents a fantastic platform to connect even further with their children by giving them an exciting task that can be taken on by the whole family. We at Clubit were able to meet the creator Euan at London Toy Fair 2018, lovely person with a passion for this product, please watch our interview with him at the top of this article. He goes on to say that they have academic packs for schools. The website explains that with their 540 Stem Brain-Bending Bundle your class will be able to make anything from a 25-metre-long double helix to 90 jumping frogs or 45 bouncing balls. Euan “it’s great because it’s something different for them to do in class”.

Let us know what you think in the comments, this is a product that we at Clubit will be keeping a close eye on and we will be creating more content for STEMS in the future but for now, you can head over to stems.shop to purchase yours today.