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Paradox Wrench – Game Review

By Tim Turner


“Paradox Wrench is a first-person puzzle game.

You have agreed to be part of an undisclosed experiment. You will be equipped with a special weapon-like tool. This tool has the ability to switch the physical dimension of certain objects, as well as your own.

There is the normal dimension, which you are used. It collides with everything. Then there is a blue and an orange dimension. These dimensions only collide with the same colour/dimension as well as the normal dimension.

You will have to discover how this strange tool works, using your wit to complete intricate tests.”

As a fan of puzzle games, I was eager to get started with this one. The clean and clinical design is pleasing to the eye and the simplicity seems to make the puzzles more engaging. Many games these days focus on flashy graphics needing a beast of a rig to run. Paradox wrench is a refreshing change focusing more on gameplay than gimmicks.

Paradox wrench

The controls are simple and allow you to get straight into the business of solving puzzles. The idea is to escape the room by manipulating the environment with your special weapon-like tool. Each level begins with a voice which gives you a riddle to solve and the answer is revealed at the end of the level. The levels themselves get progressively more complex and inevitably more frustrating as the game progresses.

I thoroughly enjoyed the game from start to finish. The only problem being that the finish came too soon. I was able to complete the game in less than 2 hours. I would really like to see more levels added and maybe a level editor function so that players can design and share their own levels. Other than that, I think the developer has done a great job and I will be looking forward to future projects from David Mulder.

I would give the game a solid 8/10. This would have been higher if there were more levels!