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Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator – Switch Review

By Lucy Helen Smith


Oh, Sir! The Insult Simulator is all about making up insults to win the battle. All you have to do is be better than the CPU or a friend.
So when you start the game. you have two options, “insult your CPU” or “insult a human”. When you go against the CPU, you have a few more options to choose from, you can “learn to insult”, “instant argument” or “tournament”.

First, you have to learn how to insult, you do this by taking turns to construct an insult, with a couple of words to make a sentence. After you have learnt how to insult you are ready to face off against the CPU. To beat the CPU you have to build the sentence and score points, The points are then deducted from the CPU’s life totals.

In tournament mode, you have to make it through 5 rounds and doing so will unlock new characters and levels. You have to beat god in the last round and he has two life bars!

The game gets harder as you progress with the real challenge of the game being the fact that the word list you construct your insults from is shared. Meaning that while you might be building towards a great insult the CPU may ruin it by choosing one of the words you were about to use. You do have the option to replace 2 words in the list which can really help you out of a difficult spot and sometimes really give you the edge in the game.

Insult Simulator

Oh, Sir, The Insult Simulator is great fun in multiplayer as playing against, a human competitor means you really have to think on your feet. You might take their words or they might take yours. Good luck beating your friend at this game.

Oh sir! The Insult Simulator Is great for the Switch as you can take the battle of wits anywhere to challenge your friends.

Oh, Sir! The Insult Simulator is great fun, simple and highly enjoyable

Overall Score – 7/10