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Is a New SEGA Console about to be Announced at CES 2018?


With CES 2018 about to get underway in Las Vegas in just 3 days rumours abound that SEGA is about to announce a new console. A million middle-age hearts will soar at the news of a new SEGA console and a permanent home for Sonic the Hedgehog who, let’s be fair, has become a bit of a nomad over the last few decades.

Some readers of this article may be too young to remember the halcyon days of the Master System and the Megadrive, before the Saturn and the Dreamcast sent SEGA astray, but those games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Alex the Kidd and Golden Axe are the reason many of today’s gamers exist.

I would love for SEGA to drop a massive bombshell and unveil the worlds best-kept secret of a new SEGA console but, let’s be honest here, if SEGA had a new console ready to take on Microsoft and Sony, we would have heard about its development by now.

SEGA console

Unfortunately though, it seems SEGA won’t be shocking the world with a surprise new console but rather doing what SEGA does right now, and that is jumping on the bandwagon of the latest trend and peddling out its classic games whilst simultaneously shovelling out some of its old crap.

There is no doubt a new SEGA console will be announced at CES but whether you can actually call it a console is up for debate. What we are gonna get is a sort of SNES classic kind of plug and play machine.

The new licence is held by Retro-Bit, a company that just released an all-in-one console featuring classics by Capcom, Data East and more, who have just announced that it has partnered up with Sega to produce new accessories based on its most popular consoles, including the Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast and Sega Saturn.

Retro-Bit intends to show off a first look of these new products at CES in Las Vegas next month, at the Innex booth in South Hall.

“With retro gaming on an upswing, we are pleased to offer officially SEGA licensed accessories in their original format as well as apply the innovative classic gaming enhancements that have become the hallmark of Retro-Bit,” said Titi Ngoy, President and CEO at Innex Inc. the exclusive distributor of Retro-Bit. “We’re excited to unveil the first of these new products and concepts at CES, and do so alongside an exciting 2018 product catalogue.”

We expect the announcement to be the Sega Genesis “classic” but whatever the reveal is Clubit.tv will be at CES to bring you the news as soon as it happens.