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Mutant Football League – PC Game Review

By Tim Turner

Mutant Football League

in Mutant Football League “Mutants and monsters unleash maniacal carnage on the gridiron in this crazy gore fest of arcade-style football. Packed full of humour, intense online multiplayer action, and strategy.”

Mutant Football League is the next-gen successor to the classic Sega Genesis title of the same name. I never played the original so I am unable to comment on the similarities but having read other peoples reviews it seems to be a pretty accurate representation. The last American football game I played was John Maddens football back on the Sega Megadrive. Mutant Football League is very similar to Madden in the sense that the controls are very similar and the playbook system is almost identical. This meant that right out of the gate I was able to compete against the computers AI quite successfully (albeit on the easy setting!)

The menu system is straightforward and easy to navigate giving you many different ways to customize your experience. Difficulty levels can be changed to suit different skill levels along with the ability to resurrect players after each play or game in case you get fed up with getting killed all the time.

The teams seem to be parodies of real NFL teams such as Nuked London Hatriots, Scarolina Panthers, and the Croakland Invaders. Each team has its own selection of “Dirty Tricks” that can be selected from the playbook giving you the ability to become ginormous and stomp all over the opposition or pull out a shotgun and shoot your way through the defensive line. These dirty tricks add an extra dimension to the game which can be hilarious, especially when playing with a friend that gets a bit salty. The dirty tricks are different for each team and can sometimes be a little unbalanced so restricting the use to one per quarter prevents overuse. The ref can also be bribed to give you an extra advantage but be careful because if the other team suspects a bribe they may just decide to kill the referee before the next snap.

You may think that the bone-crunching tackles and dirty tricks would be enough to worry about but you would be wrong. Each stadium has its own perils with circular saws ripping across the field slaying anyone in their path or giant worms rising from the ground and devouring your star quarterback. I love this aspect of the game as you never know what is going to happen next helping to keep the gameplay refreshing and surprising.

The sound in the game is where this title really shines. The commentary team do an excellent job of keeping the excitement level high and the foul language and bad jokes certainly keep things interesting. The players themselves don’t have a lot to say and babble away in their own strange language but this can be very amusing by itself. I can imagine the commentary will become a little repetitive after many hours of gameplay so the devs may want to think about occasional updates to keep things fresh.

Mutant Football League

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed playing Mutant Football League and will do for years to come. If you like American football games and prefer not to play by the rules then this is definitely the game for you. If you like funny and foul-mouthed commentary then this game will not disappoint. At £18.99 on steam, I would consider it a bargain especially as the devs have managed to avoid the sneaky pay to win tactics adopted by the larger devs such as EA. I would like to see the option to create your own custom teams and maybe more plays to choose from (the hail mary especially!) As it stands I would give the game a very solid 9/10 with very little room for improvement. Well done Digital Dreams Entertainment!