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Let Them Come – PS4 Review

By Kerith Busby


Let them come is a 2D shooter with a twist, it has a tower defence feel to it. You play as a gun for hire named Rock Gunar who is the last surviving member of his squad who went in to kill the alien hoard on a spaceship but sadly was working misinformation.

The game is a wave defence game where you have to defend your self using a variety of weapons and upgrades to choose from. The more you kill you will generate combos and fill the combo bar faster which will lead to you choosing one of 3 bonuses each time you fill the meter.

You can have 4 passive abilities equipped at one time, one ranged explosive (my fave is a Molotov cocktail) and close range weapon and the basic ammo for the machine gun and a specialist ammo type each of these gives you different effects but it will cost you to keep them topped up!

Let Them Come

As you are cutting your way through wave after wave of enemies you will be generating coins from your kills and any combos you fulfil as well. When you die you have the opportunity to go into your inventory and purchase upgrades and an assortment of weapons and ammo types but you can only do this after you die. If you find you have unlocked something and you don’t get on with it you can also sell it back to the store which is always helpful and saves feeling like you have made a mistake with your purchases.

Let Them Come has an old-school graphics look to it which goes nicely with the techno music and it is an enjoyable game to play, the only thing I found is the game does get quite repetitive and there is not really any help with understanding what your doing in the beginning but luckily the game is quite easy to get to grips with.

Overall Score – 6/10

Out now on PSN store – £6.49