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Escapists 2 – Nintendo Switch Review

Lucy Helen Smith

Escapists 2

The escapists 2 is all about breaking out of prison, just like the first one, which launched on the PC back in 2015. Now it has moved onto the switch, so you can play it anywhere you want. You have a lot of options to play with friend, they are public, friends and offline. Offline lets you play split screen with a friend.

So you start the game up, precinct 17 is the first level, will the tutorial level. On this level, you learn about the game and how everything works. The controls work well on the switch. You start in your cell, then you get up and grab a sock and soap. Which is when you learn how to craft item and there are lots of items to craft. Then you have roll call. You go through the whole of the tutorial, which seems easy.

After you can choose what level you want, but you only have 3. The other 7 you have to unlock with keys you find playing the other levels. Centre perks 2.0 is a remastered map from the first game, it is now bigger and there is more to do on it.

Escapists 2

You have to do a lot of tasks, to get what you need, to make your great escape. But if you get caught you will be put in solitary confinement like a real prison. This will set you back and you will have to get your items again. So you have to be a good inmate, when the guards are around and go to all the roll call, job assignments etc.

Each prison gets hard as you progress through the game, you start to get less free time. You have to make more friends with inmates and do more side quests to get what you need to escape.

If you like pixel art games and using your brain to escape prison. This is the perfect game for you. The switch is amazing to have is this game on because you can break out of prison anywhere.

Overall Score 6/10