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CES 2018 Gets Underway in Las Vegas

By Mordred Carver

CES 2018, build up

Hot on the heels of the new year, convention season has begun once more, and this year start is marked firmly with the CES 2018 stamp. Going strong since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show is a thing of wonder and beauty, with many new technical gadgets being unveiled to the public for the very first time. This year, of course, is no exception and Clubit is your best source to find out what’s hot, and what’s not in the world of technological advancement!

We’ve already had several announcements revealed, from the mirror that points out your wrinkles and spots, to the Android camera from Bellus 3D that allows you to take 3D spinnable selfies, not to forget the resident celebrity Sophia, along with her team from Hanson Robotics.
This year the trend seems to be moving towards integrating robots, AI and augmented reality into daily life and of course, you want the “ultimate in simplicity when managing your smart home”. LG’s marketing chief David Vanderwaal thought he had just that in the robot lovingly called CLOi (Pronounced Klo-ee) created to control your smart home, keep your diary and remind you of appointments amongst other tasks, at the unveiling she did just that… until the moment CLOi decided that she didn’t want to help Vanderwaal, ignoring his queries and commands for the majority of her stage time. This slight setback for LG already has people going onto social media with “RIP CLOi 2018-2018” as well as joking she’s a feminist that didn’t want to do any work in the kitchen. Of course, this is just the start of CES, perhaps CLOi just had a bit of stage fright and will be more productive later on in the week.

On that note of misbehaving technology, Brian Krzanich, Intel’s chief exec has revealed that 90% of processors and products from the past 5 years suffering from the Meltdown and Spectre bugs will be patched within a week.

CES 2018

To follow up with more good news, HTC has announced an enhanced version of Vive, its virtual reality headset. The Vive Pro boasts 2 OLED screens with 2880 by 1600 pixels resolution, which is an impressive 78% greater than the current model. With both models using Intel’s WiGig technology to connect to computers running a game or simulation, this could certainly be one to keep an eye on.

But what if VR isn’t for you? In that case, Samsung is showcasing their 146 inches Modular TV “The Wall”. Considered superior to OLED screens as it offers deep blacks and brighter highlights thanks to Micro LED, it can also allow for custom sized televisions to be built.
Although this could prove to be expensive for both customers and Samsung, it does put them in direct competition with rivals that prefer to use OLED technology.
But with all this technology, all these new products, one could start to wonder how best to control it all. This year Google brings us the new rival to Alexa, of course like Alexa, you can interact with it through Android TV’s and smart speakers, Google Assistant, however, can control over 1,500 devices so is certainly going to shake up Alexa’s “tens of millions” profit levels.

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