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Can Kevin Make Home Burglaries a Thing of the Past?

By Badger Chadwick


Kevin – The Virtual Roommate, launched on Kickstarter today and is attempting to reach a $50,000 goal with a very simple mission, make home burglaries a thing of the past. The brainchild of Mitipi Kevin takes an innovative approach to household security.

There are no cameras, no motion sensors or even any locks. Instead of focusing on turning your abode into Fort Knocks. Kevin uses light and sound to simulate the presence of people carrying out daily chores and activities in order to fool any potential intruder into thinking there is somebody home and therefore deter them from carrying out a burglary in the first place.


Controlled by a smartphone app or the “grandma friendly” buttons on the top of Kevin can simulate the presence of a person in your house to deter any intruder. He even has full customisation for your lifestyle. He can simulate someone living alone, a family, pets or even someone practising an instrument.

Mitipi, the creators of Kevin, promise to keep one step ahead of would-be intruders by continually offering updates, simulation patterns and functions post-launch.

Julian Stylianou, Mitipi Founder & CEO, comments, “Having spent extensive time talking with the victims of burglaries, it’s clear that home protection needs to evolve beyond surveillance, reporting, and alarms. This is why we created Kevin – we envisage a world where burglars only exist in history books, and we want to add value and innovation to the world of home security, by offering a prevention-first solution


To produce random simulations of presence in the home, Kevin uses a smart logic that considers multiple factors such as time zone, region, language, weather, home type and much more. In contrast to other home security systems, the system removes the need for any camera or motion sensors – all you need is power and a smartphone.

For more information head over to the facebook page or the Kickstarter campaign to pledge your support now.

Kevin is available on Kickstarter now with a limited number of units available at the early bird price of $149 and is set to be delivered by the end of 2018.

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