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Altered Carbon Due to Arrive on Netflix on 2nd Feb

By Michael Law


Get ready for 2nd February 2018. Altered Carbon hits our screens through Netflix and this is going to be an exciting one. This highly anticipated series stars Joel Kinnaman as Takeshi Kovacs’ sleeve, a disgraced policeman frozen in ice and awoken 500 years into the future. To win his freedom, he must help a highly distinguished aristocrat, played by James Purefoy, solve and bring justice to his murderer.

From the trailer alone, we can see this is a futuristic style series that will use lots of techniques to engage us. This will be done through camera angles, and colour especially. The sequence after the Psychasec advert shows lots of variation of colour, creating a visual masterpiece as well as using these colours to create the tone and emotion for the series.


Not only have we seen countless articles, blog posts and videos, Netflix created a spectacular marketing campaign designed to intrigue, engage and spread the word for Altered Carbon… and it worked, and CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018 was the platform. While businesses and consumers were interacting with the latest technologies and gadgets 2018 had to offer, they were introduced to Psychasec, a glossy high-quality CES exhibitor, promoting and selling their latest invention, with talks and two sleeves on show for people to see. A sleeve in the world of Altered Carbon is an artificial but realistic being you can transport your consciousness into, therefore creating immortality. While being taken in and convinced by the talented exhibitors promoting the product, our crew were present and recorded the whole display for you, our audience to see.

As you can see from the video, this realistic and engaging exhibition was all planned to create buzz for the upcoming show. A fantastic piece of marketing as our crew member admitted he, and many other consumers are CES, were fooled by how realistic but also how surreal it was. They simply drew the audience to them.


Personally, I think this strategy of marketing was amazing. Not only did it create buzz and excitement for the show, it opens the doors to a brand-new audience of everyone at CES, and this type of marketing campaign will be seen more often as the year goes on. What do you think of this market strategy? And in fact, Altered Carbon? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and be sure to stick with Clubit for all your entertainment news.