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A Round Up of 2017 – Martin’s Picks

By Martin McCurdie

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Continuing one from Badger’s picks for the best of 2017 it is now time for writer Martin McCurdie’s picks. Not only will it be interesting to see how different his picks are from Badger’s picks but it will also give you our dear readers a chance to see just how our writing staff think. So let’s not delay and dive straight into Martin’s picks……Martin over to you…..

2017 will go down as one of the best years ever for games I have no doubt. With so many great games it was even more difficult to pick a winner and runner-up here. My choices here not only were for me the best of the last year but also will go down as classics in years to come as two of the best games ever made.

Game of 2017

Runner-up: Cuphead

Cuphead, Martin's picks

Cuphead was one of the games showcased at Microsoft’s E3 press conference back in the summer of 2014 that blew me away and solidified my decision to choose the Xbox One as my first next-generation console.

I waited with baited breath for 3 whole years taking in every snippet of news and new footage. When it was revealed again at E3 2017 with a 29 September 2017 release date I was overjoyed, just two weeks after my 35th birthday. Of course, I preordered as soon as I could and it did not disappoint.

Studio MDHR created something truly special. A timeless classic that is so perfectly crafted you can feel the teams passion, blood, sweat & tears that have been poured into their dream project. The 1930s cartoon art style and an amazing soundtrack to boot, not to mention pixel perfect controls and gameplay with a very challenging difficulty that gives it that satisfying one more go feeling and keeps me coming back every time.

That satisfying feeling when you beat a boss you’ve been stuck on for ages only to repeat the process at the next boss fight inching ever closer to completion. Cuphead is without a doubt a masterpiece.

Winner: The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Martin's picks

The game that sold millions of Nintendo Switches after again waiting for several years it is on its release once again was a timeless classic from Nintendo.

From the opening moments stepping out onto The Great Plateau gazing with wonderment at what lay before me. To the end boss fight with Ganon when I finally reached Hyrule Castle, fully equipped with The Master Sword, Hylian Shield and Green Tunic Of The Wild. All the while that sinister version of the Zelda theme played as I fought and defeated Ganon over several phases of the boss fight.

But what really made the game special was everything in between. Travelling the entire map completing every shrine puzzle, having epic fights with Lynels and Hinnoxs, taking down the 4 divine beasts and taking on the dragons to get the parts necessary to upgrade my gear. The best thing about my 135 hours with the game was the sense of exploration and adventure where there was something marvellous over every hilltop, mountain peak or ravine. It was unforgettable.

Best Film of 2017

I also watched some very good films in 2017. Marvel was still firing on all cylinders in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Elsewhere in Disney saw my runner-up with another of their live-action adaptations of another one of their classic cartoons.

Runner-Up: Beauty & The Beast

Martin's picks

“Be our guest, be our guest” yep a guilty pleasure for me this one! Huge fan of the cartoon, I absolutely loved it as a kid and they knocked it out of the park with this live action adaptation with fantastic performances from all of the cast as they retold the tale as old as time!

Winner: Spiderman: Homecoming

Martin's picks

It has been a long 10 years since the last of the Sam Raimi Spiderman trilogy with Spiderman 3, the last film featuring everyone’s favourite neighbourhood Spiderman that I really enjoyed. Homecoming was aptly named as it is the best film about our web-slinging hero since then and one of the best Spiderman films ever.

Best TV Show

2017 was a good year for TV shows as well from new series’ to new seasons of some of my favourite shows. I could write a whole other article about all of them, and I may do at some point. But for now, I’ll just give you my winner and runner-up.

Runner-up: GLOW

Badger's picks, Martin's picks

The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling exploded onto our screens in the summer of 2017 telling the story of the mid-80s wrestling promotion with aplomb. I was a huge wrestling fan as a youngster so all of the cameos from wrestlers and the theme of this show was right up my street and the cast put on stellar performances all round. I loved every episode and hope that it continues for a second series soon.

Winner: Orange Is The New Black Series 5

Martin's picks

Again kicking off in the summer was the latest series in my favourite TV show of recent years, Orange Is The New Black. It was a terrific series that I of course binge all of it in a few days and am now eagerly awaiting more again! Great series set over just a few days during the prison riot with some great episodes it is my highlight of 2017 in television.

Best Hardware of 2017

2017 saw the of two all-new consoles, one of the best iterations of the iPhone Apple has produced in years and a number of other amazing pieces of tech and lovely new 4KTVs of which I’ve been able to enjoy one of them which is my runner-up and the lovely new console I’ve picked as my winner.

Runner-Up: Samsung KS9000 4KTV

Martin's picks

My Samsung KS9000 4KTV is absolutely gorgeous and I’ve enjoyed some terrific looking films and games on it since getting it early last year. I have enjoyed 4K films and Netflix with HDR which looks great. Only upscaled 4K on my Xbox One S for games but they still look very nice indeed and the ones that feature HDR enhancements look even better. I’m hoping I can pair it with an Xbox One X this year and take full advantage of it with all the amazing looking games coming this year and some of my favourites from the past that have received X enhancements.

Winner: Nintendo Switch

Badger's picks, Martin's picks

The Nintendo Switch is such a great console and the home console/handheld hybrid console is so innovative and accessible when the TV is in use you can just lift it out the dock and keep on gaming. Taking it on trips or to work to play on breaks is great as well and playing some fantastic games from both Nintendo at their finest, some great third-party efforts and some great indie games this console sure came out swinging last March and continued all year with hit after hit. 2018 is a bit of a mystery at the moment with very little games’ release dates for the console known. Typical of Nintendo keeping their cards close to their chest but hopefully we will see some announcements soon.

So what do you think of Martin’s picks? let us know your thoughts in the comments section below