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Zanco tiny t1 – World Exclusive Review


You may have seen a certain little phone taking Kickstarter and the internet by storm, we have also featured the Zanco tiny t1 in a couple of articles on clubit.tv and now in a world exclusive, we have a review of the technological marvel.

No one else in the world has the worlds smallest phone, everyone is writing about it but we are the only people in the world that actually have it. We put together a small video over on Youtube that can be seen at the top of this article but the question on everybody’s lips is what is it like?

The first thing that grabs you when you hold the Zanco tiny t1 is obviously its size, it fits nicely between your thumb and forefinger, The weight is just enough to make it feel substantial. not too heavy but not so light that it feels hollow and flimsy. The Zanco tiny t1 feels like it is very well constructed and sturdy.

Overall we were impressed with the quality of the materials used to make the Zanco tiny t1 but what is it like to use? You would think that something a phone so small would be hard to use or at least fidgety but thanks to the curvature of the buttons on the keypad it is surprisingly easy to use.

The menu brings back memories of an old-school Nokia and is a great touch of nostalgia for the older geek, and that is exactly what the Zanco tiny t1 is. I hark back to a simpler time when things were done simple but well. No overcomplication, no apps to install or APN settings and wifi codes to fiddle about with. Just pop in your sim card and away you go.

The thing that surprised me the most with the Zanco tiny t1 was the 4 directional scroll button in the middle. It allows you to navigate the menu with ease and get to where you want to be quick.

The quality of calls is exactly the same as you get on a smartphone. For some reason I expected the quality of the call to drop due to the size of the phone but it is just the same as any other phone. I’ll be honest it does feel a little weird at first holding such a tiny phone by your ear and although I only had the Zanco tiny t1 for a couple of days it was slowly getting used to it.

Sending a text on the Zanco tiny t1 is surprisingly easy. As I mentioned above, the curved keys make it extremely easy to use the keypad. Text input is the old text message style of pressing the 4 key three times to get I. The same system that we have on most television content providers in the UK. It took a little longer to text than usual but I did notice how incredibly reliant I have become on autocorrect.

While waiting to receive the Zanco tiny t1 I was racking my brains on just how the hell you are going to read a text message on a screen that is just 12.5mm, Surely its too small? Well, it turns out like everything else with the Zanco tiny t1 the answer is in its simplicity. When you come to read a text you the phone simply shows you it one word a ta time as you scroll down the message.

Everything about the Zanco tiny t1 screams simplicity. It isn’t designed to replace your smartphone, and having one for 48 hours certainly showed that, but what it is, is a perfect solution for when you don’t want your smartphone. My final night with the Zanco tiny t1 I went to the pub to meet with friends and decided to leave my smartphone at home and put it to the test.

My friends absolutely loved it and the Zanco tiny t1 soon became the talking point of the whole pub. The reactions it garners are priceless, We had great fun using the voice change function although the pizza place wouldn’t take an order from a child, unfortunately.

The Zanco tiny t1 is a great little phone, it is no frills, does exactly what it says on the tin kind of product but it is so goddam cute and all your friends are going to want to have one. It isn’t going to replace your smartphone but it will free you from it every now and again.