The World’s Smallest Phone Arrives on KickStarter

    World's Smallest Phone

    Clubit New Media is proud to announce that it is teaming up with mobile phone manufacturer Zanco to bring the World’s Smallest Phone to Kickstarter. What started as a joke between the founder of Clubit and the founder of Zanco has resulted in a 2-year design journey that is close to completion.

    When given the challenge of “how small can you go ” over dinner one night, Shazid Thalib the founder of Zanco was determined to blow our minds and he has certainly delivered on that. The World’s Smallest Phone is a technological marvel and we honestly can’t wait until tomorrow to tell you more.

    World's Smallest Phone

    We have shown the phone to a few focus groups and their reactions have been incredulous. People cant get over how small it is and once they see it working they are simply astounded. Honestly, we are not being hyperbolic when we say this is without a doubt going to be the must-have gadget of 2018.

    The first time you see it tomorrow you are going to be dumbfounded, Then once the realisation sets in and you start thinking of all the possible situations where you would want to use The Worlds Smallest Phone instead of your big bulky smartphone your gonna want to buy one. Not just for you but also for your partner, your siblings and your friends.

    World's Smallest Phone

    Not only is The Worlds Smallest Phone the perfect novelty gift but it has a multitude of real-world applications. Clubbers, Joggers, Festival Goers, Hikers, Skiers, Travelers, Extreme sports, the list goes on. Everybody is going to want The World’s Smallest Phone.

    You can sign up now at to receive updates and be one of the first to register for your handset. There will be discounted handsets available on Kickstarter for the first 1000 backers so be sure to dive in and get yours early. This isn’t going to be some long-term project either. We estimate that it will take just 14 weeks from the Kickstarter campaign ending to you actually having The Worlds Smallest Phone in your hand.

    We wish we could tell you more but in just 1 day you will see for yourself why we are so excited but trust me, sign up today because you really don’t wanna miss out.