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The Zanco tiny t1 Arrives on Kickstarter! Back it now!

Zanco tiny t1

We have been teasing you for the past week about the Worlds Smallest Phone but now we can finally tell you all about it. The World’s Smallest Phone is in fact called the Zanco tiny t1 and to be fair tiny is possibly too big a word to describe it.

The Zanco tiny t1 is 46.7 mm in length and is genuinely smaller than your thumb. you won’t believe it actually works but this isn’t a prank this is real! This diminutive little device is ridiculously cute and packs some pretty impressive features. The Zanco tiny t1 can store up to 300 phone numbers and 50 SMS messages. It holds a record of the last 50 in/out numbers and even has a 13 voice changer built in!

We believe that not only is the Zanco tiny t1 the perfect novelty gift but it is a perfect solution to those situations where your expensive smartphone is just too bulky. Jogging in the park, Working out at the gym, for example. Maybe your smartphone doesn’t fit in your bag or go with your outfit on a night out.

The Zanco tiny t1 is also an amazing emergency phone. It’s 3-day standby battery life and it’s 3 hour talk time between charges means you can pop the Zanco tiny t1 in your child’s schoolbag or permanently have one in your glove compartment in case of breakdowns. It is small and light enough that you won’t even notice you’re carrying it until you need it. We hope you never do but the piece of mind it delivers is a wonderful thing to have.

The wonderful thing about the Zanco tiny t1 is it appeals to multiple markets. Even if you don’t lead an active live, drive or have kids. You can be the first among your friends to brag and show off the world’s smallest phone. Maybe you have a family member that is difficult to buy for? The Zanco tiny t1 is the perfect gift.

We can see many many reasons why you would want the Zanco tiny t1 but the reason we have launched it through Kickstarter is that we don’t know if the world is ready for a phone so small? The campaign isn’t here to raise funds it’s to let us know whether we should put it into production. So backing the tiny t1 today will ensure you receive the worlds smallest phone in just 14 weeks.

With a limited number of handsets discounted for the early bird backers now is the perfect time to head over to Kickstarter and let us know you are ready for the world’s smallest phone. So pop over to the campaign, back us to guarantee your handset and then come back here and let us know where and how you are going to use your Zanco tiny t1