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Son of Scoregasm – PC game review


The king of the Earth has had his biscuits stolen and it’s your job to defeat the baddies, protect the planet and most importantly find those precious biscuits! Welcome to Son of Scoregasm.

Gameplay is simple enough, you’re in a small arena which limits your movement both in shape and size. Some have the arenas have simple traps in them that you have to avoid while also taking out the enemies. Reminds me of the old school arena classics like smash tv and so on. Control options consist of either gamepad, keyboard only or keyboard and mouse.


There doesn’t appear to be any pickups to increase your power in game you just get an increase in firing arc spread as you continue to kill enemies which resets on every map or if you stop killing enemies. The ship itself is fast enough, to begin with but as you progress the enemies speed up so it quickly becomes impossible to outrun them if you get yourself into a tight spot and the hit zone for your ship is the green area which I thought initially was your engine flame (you’ve been warned), luckily there is a secondary pulse attack that you can use to clear a small area around you. The power level for the pulse wave is shown in a ring around your ship and the range of the attack is roughly the size of the ring so it gives you an idea of when to use it. Definitely an interesting learning curve and a steep difficulty climb even on easy difficulty.

The trophies add a challenge element to it as do the medal requirements on each level. Unfortunately other than a score attack option once you’ve played the levels once there seems to be very little in the way of incentives to either keep playing or to return to the game once you’ve played it for any length of time.


If you’re the type of gamer that likes to challenge yourself with punishing gameplay and nothing much in the way of rewards other than the satisfaction of kicking ass in a hard level then Son of Socregasm is for you. If on the other hand, you like to feel some progression and unlock abilities or power-ups then you’re going to be sadly disappointed in this game.

Final verdict? A fun but hard little game with a decent challenge but little replay incentive other than to beat your own score.

Overall Score – 6/10