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Shooty Fruity Blasts it’s way onto PSVR


Ndreams have had an amazing year this year, delivering top quality games for PSVR such as Bloody Zombies, The Assembly and the virtual reality experience Perfect. To finish the year on high they released Shooty Fruity, a weird game to explain but a hell of a lot of fun to play.

The main premise of Shooty Fruity is that you are a lowly supermarket worker and each shift requires you to carry out menial tasks such as scanning items on the checkout, loading up trays in the canteen or order picking in the warehouse. Now I know that doesn’t sound very exciting but when you throw in hordes of attacking zombie fruit then this game really comes into its own.

The setup of the game is actually quite simple, You choose your level and your gun loadout, the menial task is always at waist height with a carousel of guns passing along at head height. the more menial tasks you carry out the more of your weapon loadout you unlock along with powerups such as multi-shot or explosive rounds. The beauty of Shooty Fruity is in its simplicity. It is without a doubt pure unadulterated fun, the menial tasks suddenly become extremely challenging when faced with having to do two things at once. Trying to scan items and pass them down the correct lane whilst fending off an angry squad of limes is both panic-inducing and immensely fun.

Shooty Fruity

The fruit themselves come in a wide range of varieties with differing attacks. Strawberries will stand in the middle ground and fire pips at you whilst limes and oranges will just leap onto your counter and attack you, Banna’s fly through the air and deliver a powerful spinning attack and giant melons roll down the aisle ever so slowly but take a hell of a lot of ammunition to put down. Pomegranates and grapes are essentially artillery/mortar units.

Everything has been so well thought out in Shooty Fruity that you often find yourself been amazed at what you can do. Getting instant satisfaction for the indignation of a lime jumping on your workstation by grabbing it and shooting it point blank in the face is amazing but my favourite move by far is allowing the cherries to land on my workstation, prepare to blow up then grabbing them and throwing them back into the advancing menace and blowing them all sky high.

Shooty Fruity

Replayability is dealt with by having 24 levels in the game and each level comes with three-star challenges to complete. The more stars you gain the more weapons you unlock. Your score or “juice” as it is called in the game accumulates over every level so you can use your juice to by unlocked weapons from the vending machine in the staff room, which ranges from pistols and shotguns all the way up to explosives.

The only criticism I have of shooty Fruity is that I wish there was more of it. The levels last for a few mins and it is the perfect length of time for the challenge it brings but I wish there were more of them. Having only 24 levels means you can get through the game pretty quickly. The final criticism is that the tracking on the left move controller is consistently lacking, meaning that quite often I was firing a really inaccurate weapon or in the worst case scenario carrying out a level, one-handed!




Shooty Fruity


That being said you do feel pretty epic when you are so busy scanning groceries with your left hand so you grab a grenade pull out the pin with your teeth and blow a host of oranges to kingdom come. This will without a doubt be the go-to party game in my house over the holiday period.

Ndreams have once again delivered on the reputation the built this year for been a fun, innovative leader in VR gaming and I for one can’t wait to see what they have for us in 2018

Overall Score 8/10