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Raiders of the Broken Planet – Wardog Fury Campaign

Raiders of the Broken Planet

Mercury Steam released the wonderful Raiders of the Broken Planet earlier this year and have just let loose the second campaign Wardog Fury. Raiders is a unique game in that it is an indie title that looks and plays like a AAA game and its pricing system makes it accessible to all. If your a fan of Destiny and similar games of that ilk then you need to keep reading.

First of the prologue to Raiders of the Broken Planet is free to download and play. Consisting of 2 missions it is a wonderful introduction to the universe, its backstory and the games control systems. The game then consists of four campaigns consisting of 4 missions each and extremely reasonably priced at just £7.99! Currently, only the first two campaigns are available with the final two campaigns to be added within the first half of 2018.

The game’s graphics rival anything that is out at the moment and I would actually go as far as to say they surpass Destiny which is the obvious comparison for this alien world based shooter. The humour, on the other hand, is like nothing I have seen in gaming for a long long while. The scripted cutscenes have the same language you would expect to find in a back street bar and puts the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row to shame for its vulgarity. The humour and interaction between the characters will often have you spitting out your drink or chuckling out loud.

Raiders of the Broken Planet

The gameplay itself is swift and fluid, the stress system is a nice initiative that brings a new element to run and gun shooters as the more your character becomes stressed the less effective cover becomes and the more visible you are to enemies. The characters themselves are extremely diverse with a wide range of abilities that make every mission completely different to play through as you cycle through the characters.

The unique attribute that Raiders of the Broken Planet brings to the genre is its 4v1 system. If you are playing solo you can choose to play as an antagonist. An evil clone version of the characters on the roster and it is your sole mission to jump into a team of four’s mission and stop them from being successful. Character progression in the game is based on differing factors, character points, cash, faction points, ranks and blueprints. All of which can only be earned in online play, and unfortunately this is where Raiders falls down.

In online play you can play solo as an antagonist or in a team of 4, there is no in-between. If you have a party of 3 friends you can find yourself sat around for 20 mins at a time waiting for the final member of your party to be found. A few times I have joined matchmaking on my own, found a wonderful team only to be disconnected from them after the mission, spend 20 minutes in matchmaking again and just hoping and praying I find that team again.

Raiders of the Broken Planet

All of Raiders missions are designed to be played over and over but unfortunately, due to matchmaking issues, you tend to find you play the missions that over the random chance of a weapon drop or an easy chance of a high payout over and over again. This has to lead to me writing my review today after 2 weeks of playing the Wardog fury campaign and still not playing the third or fourth missions.

If Mercury Steam could just implement an update that allowed you to stay with your party that you have been matched with until you wanted to leave or be kicked then so many of the game’s problems would be fixed. The story is wonderful and should be experienced with friends, so grab a couple of your raid buddies from Destiny, dive into Raiders of the Broken Planet and then come back and thank me in the comments.

Overall Score – 7/10