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Kingdom Come Deliverance is all set to Deliver


Here at Clubit, we are committed to hunting out the best games close to release that may have slipped under your radar. Earlier in the year, we came back from EGX with the amazing Bomber Crew and now we have another amazing game that is sure to be a success. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is due to hit consoles and PC’s on 13th February and boy are you in for a treat.

Set in the prelude to the Hussite wars in what is today called the Czech Republic, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an epic RPG that prides itself on not only its realism and its immersion but also the fact that it is as historically accurate as can be whilst telling the game’s narrative.

At first glance, a lot of people are going to draw parallels between Kingdom Come: Deliverance to the massively popular open-world RPG Skyrim and they wouldn’t be far wrong. There is a lot in the game that is similar to Skyrim, Tobias from Warhorse Studios says as much in the interview at the top of this post. The main difference is how imaginative Kingdom Come: Deliverance really is.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to play the game at a recent press event and it is remarkable how immersive the game is. The first thing that grabs you is just how beautiful the graphics are in the game. The stunning visuals are given a boost by the fantastic audio and I don’t just mean the game’s soundtrack. Every step has its own audio cue. Whether its the rustling as you walk through tall grass, to the squelching of mud underfoot everything is crafted perfectly together to immerse you in the game world.

I mention the graphics and the audio first because most reviewers are likely to overlook them and focus on the games combat system which whilst tricky at unfamiliar at first becomes intuitive and deeply tactical as you progress. Instead of running in and slashing wildly with your sword the focus in Kingdom Come is on actual realistic combat. Stamina drains quickly, positioning is key to victory. The right weapon against the right armour is critical and most of all paying attention to the position of your opponents sword will hint at whether you should block, parry slash or jab.

On top of all this split, second thinking is the control mechanism itself. Using the right stick on the pad selects which part of your opponents body you will attack. It all sounds incredibly confusing now but a decent lengthy tutorial helps you get the hang of it pretty quickly. One of the main selling points for me is not the innovative combat system but the fact the game doesn’t hold your hand. Yes, it is an RPG and your character levels up to get stronger, faster etc but if you don’t improve your skill as a gamer you ain’t going nowhere. The battles are brutal, unforgiving and you will die a lot so keep saving and more importantly keep learning.

Kingdom Come Deliverance

All of this makes for an amazing game but I haven’t even discussed the story yet. I Kingdom Come Deliverance you take on the role of Henry. I farmboy who has just narrowly survived a bandit raid and has sworn vengeance for the death of his parents. The narrative is deep, engaging and again unrelenting.

You can go running into the bandit camp to get your revenge, most likely you are gonna die though. However, if you wish you could talk to everybody in town, gather as much information and clues as you can which may allow you to disable the camp’s defences or infiltrate them in some other way in order to even up the fight.

If being the hero of the battlefield isn’t quite your thing it is, in fact, possible to avoid battles all together through the noble art of diplomacy. The scape is endless. The amount of love, effort and thought has gone into this game has resulted in a thing of beauty. For me personally, February can’t come round soon enough so I can get to grips with the finished polished article, As for you dear readers, I can’t stress how much you need to add this to your wish list.