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Fearful Symmetry and the Cursed Prince – Game Review

By Kerith Busby

Fearful Symmetry

The Fearful Symmetry and the Cursed Prince is a very different style of puzzle game to most you will encounter. You are playing as 2 characters simultaneously one is moving up the screen and you have the cursed Prince moving down the screen on the opposite side which will move in unison with each other.

Each level you encounter will give you a different set of challenges which varies from spike, hole, ghouls, ghosts and a whole host of things to try and trip up one of your characters. The gameplay its self is very simple with just movement to worry about, you have your choice if you would rather use the d-pad or the analog stick to move around with (I personally found the d-pad the easier option)

There are some different and ingenious ways you have to use to try and make your way through the levels ahead of you which I won’t spoil the fun of telling you what they are here as it will require some out of the box thinking to tackle some levels. There are 3 different characters for you to play through the main quest line with which once you have done so will unlock a bonus area for you to have a go at once you have done the main game.

The levels can be quick in some cases but others will take some time to work through, this is a game I would recommend for those of you that really like a puzzle game that will test your ability to solve a puzzle and in some cases possibly your patience as well. I imagine the game will appear to the hard-core puzzle fans but for someone who is not one of those the Fearful Symmetry and the Cursed Prince didn’t really grab me I am afraid

Overall Score – 5/10