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Disney Buy Fox For $66bn But is the Price to Movies Too High?

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Last week we brought you news that the talks for Fox buying Disney were close to completion and tonight it has been confirmed that the Disney/Fox merger has in fact been confirmed. Geeks across the world can rejoice because the X-men and Deadpool can take their rightful place in the MCU.

Whilst the $66 Billion price tag may seem like a bargain for Disney, They have after all just procured the ownership of such franchises as Aliens, Avatar, X-files, Family Guy, Simpsons and a whole raft more. But is it a price worth paying for consumers? With an estimated 70% American box office market share next year Disney no longer have to compete in the market but in fact, can dictate it.


What happens when Disney demands 50% of cinema receipts? Will Vue or Cineworld say no? will they refuse to show Star wars episode IX or will they agree and pass the price along to the consumer? Most people in the UK struggle to afford the £10 average ticket price to see a movie so pick carefully, So will we be priced out further or will Star Wars IX be released everywhere except the UK?

In the UK, we have monopoly laws that stops a single corporation from owning too much of a market share to the point that if they do gain a market share through organic means then by law they are forced to break up their company. Unfortunately the same isn’t true in America. So yes we get the X-men in the MCU but what price do we pay for movies in general?


$66 billion is a lot of money but I fear moviegoers will pay a higher price and we haven’t even covered TV yet. Such amazing series like American Horror Story, Legion et al may never be made again. We are living in an age of amazing experimentation of TV programming that I fear may be sanitised by Disney and I’m not alone in thinking this David Yelland, the former editor of the Murdoch owned Sun newspaper in the UK, told the BBC the transaction puts Disney in pole position to compete with California’s tech giants.

“In ten years time there’ll be two Chinese giants and four US giants and [of the current entertainment companies] the only one that’ll survive will be Disney.”

Maybe I’m reading too much into this. maybe I should just be as happy to see Deadpool steal Captain America’s shield as I was to See Spiderman do it. Dive into to the comments below and let me know why I’m wrong. I look forward to the debate