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Way of Redemption – PS4 Game Review

By Jay Slayton-Joslin

Way of Redemption

If you’re searching for a combination of sports and action, then Way Of Redemption might be the competitive challenge that you’re looking for. Like the lovechild of your favourite fantasy franchise meeting a classic brick game, it’s smooth, easy to pick up and rewards those who invest time in it.

Despite similar titles being on the market, Way of Redemption is helped by its familiarity with competitors. If you’ve played Disc Jam or any other the Ping Pong clones, the game mechanic will instantly make sense, and save you a tutorial. Rather than being a simple point score, your job is to deplete the number of points the other player has. This adds a fun element of Battle Royale to it, and really emphasises the lore that the game creates where you’re trying to take something from the enemy to save yourself, rather than just win a tournament. The controls are simple, to begin with, but upon multiple gameplays are rewarding with the way that combos work, and it does feel like a game of skill rather than testing your opponent with who has the faster reflexes. The developers did a great job of taking a great format and tweaking it to be even better.

Way of Redemption

The only faults of the game are made aware of the player in the first 5 minutes and can be overlooked. Firstly, the tutorial system upon starting the game is just Youtube videos loaded on a screen. It’s not heart-breaking and if a game is to have faults somewhere the tutorial isn’t a bad place for it to be, but it felt rushed and lazy rather than a game that was going to excite me second by second. Lastly, there felt like there was a strange silence as I was playing the game, making me wonder whether everything had loaded properly. The back and forth between players should be generating noise, to make it feel like the epic battle that it truly is.

Gripes aside Way of Redemption is a fun title to pick up and have resting on your entertainment system. It works great to play against people online, develop your characters (and skills) as well as having a good time learning the subtle and intricate techniques of the game. The best option, of course, is playing it with a friend and potentially ruining friendships. Way Of Redemption is a great way to get a breath of fresh air from the generic games that populate the store.

Overall Score 6/10