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Toy Passport is Quite Possibly the Cutest Present Ever


Honestly, the title of this article pretty much says it all, Toy Passport is the cutest, most inventive and genius level obvious idea I have seen in a long long time.

We all know how stressful it is going on a family holiday. You have to pack for yourself and the kids, sort out transport, check, double check and triple check you have got all the documentation and that’s before you leave the house! Throw in the fact that once you’re at the airport you need enough activities to keep everyone occupied and stave off hours of impending boredom before you can even think about relaxing around the pool. Makes you wonder why we do it at all really?

My point is if it is that stressful for us adults then what is it like for children? especially those flying or travelling outside of the country for the first time? Whilst it is true travel broadens the mind seeing other countries and cultures first hand for a young child can be mind-blowing it can also be nerve-wracking and disorientating.



We all know that any adventure worth having or any memory worth making is with your best friend by your side. How many times have you set off on holiday only to have to return home to pick up Teddy, or Fluffy, that one toy that goes everywhere and will get lonely if left behind? That’s where the beauty of Toy Passport lies. what at first seems like a pointless gimmick suddenly becomes a must have for any young traveller.

Imagine being 6 years old, not only are you leaving the country for the first time but your going to FLY for the first time! All those planes you have seen so far up in the sky you can only just make them out and now you are going that high! Damn, right you want Teddy by your side for that. But before you can even get on the plane there is a big, serious customs officer who wants to check your passport. A big official police officer type looking person who is very scary and very daunting.

As mum and Dad hand over the family passports and everyone is checked and cleared your small child can triumphantly hand over Teddy’s very own Toy Passport and (hopefully if the Customs officer is in a good mood) get it stamped too. Now not only is Teddy by your child’s side he is officially joining this family adventure.

Has I said at the start of this blog, it is the cutest and probably smartest thing I have heard of in a long long time