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We Sing Pop! is out now on PS4 – Game Review

By James Stephenson


‘We Sing Pop’ basically is what it says in the title. You get to sing a range of ‘Pop’ songs that stretch from ‘Mamma Mia from ’ABBA,’ to ‘Coldplay’s’ recent hit ‘Adventure of a lifetime’. You can try your hand at some rap from ‘B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams’ hit ‘Airplanes’ if you’re feeling up for the challenge.

Altogether there are 30 songs to choose from which I believe is quite low, however, there is a good reason behind this. As you sing along to your chosen track, the official music video plays in the background. I believe this is a nice touch as I for one listen to my music through Spotify rather than watching videos on Youtube for example. I believe this game has a good range throughout the 30 songs available as there is a little bit through the previous 5 decades inc ‘Queen’ to ‘George Michael’

To get the game going you have to pick the song you want to sing or make a playlist by adding different songs. Once you have selected, a menu brings up your options of game modes. These are Solo, Multiplayer or Karaoke. Once selected your mode you can select either Normal or Expert difficulty. I had a go on both and the Expert mode is indeed challenging. Even in normal mode, I seemed to only hit 50% of the notes on songs that I actually knew. The scoring system is very tough as even if you hit a note correctly, just going the slightest off pitch can ruin a long note and ruin your overall score.

After this, you can choose if you would like the vocal of the track to be on or just an instrumental for you to sing along to. Not much change to the overall gameplay as if you know the song you can easily sing along without the vocals.

We Sing Pop

Unfortunately, there isn’t a career progression mode that you would see in games such as ‘Guitar Hero’. I believe that this game would benefit from this, as then there is a sense of completion and achievement that you have progressed through songs you may or may not enjoy unlocking. This to me would boost the overall game, as I basically didn’t choose any song that I didn’t like to sing.

Other modes include Multiplayer, which has a few options. These include the classic ‘Versus’ mode, ‘Group Battle’, ‘We Sing’ and ‘Pass the Mic’. These modes can be fun while playing in a group as you then get the full competitiveness of a game. Again though this, you can select either normal or Expert difficulty to add the extra challenge to your friends.

The final game mode is everyone’s favourite, ‘Karaoke’. Gather some friends, select some songs and have a blast with karaoke-style singing. This mode is perfectly made for parties as you can all join in and get singing without the added extra of competition. Make sure to turn off the vocals to make it as if you were in a club singing karaoke.

Once finishing your song in any competitive mode, you get your score you can then view your score on the leaderboard. From here you can see your personal best and other players who have completed this song and see what score they
got. This is all the online content that I have achieved at the moment, which I believe to be unfortunate. ‘We Sing Pop’ is calling out for some online activity, as you can get very bored just playing by yourself.

We Sing Pop

The overall graphics for the game are good. The game boasts a decent font that is easy to read and has a colourful background that is simple enough that it doesn’t distract you from the titles. Each song is presented to you on the menu with the album artwork and underneath a Vinyl style, which has a cool effect on the menu. You can search for your chosen track either by song name or Artist name.

Overall I still believe this game is crying out for some form of online competitive content in addition to a career mode, as it is just a bit too simple. Adding this would easily make me come back to this game more often. Otherwise, We Sing Pop will just come out with parties or events that may occur in the future.

Overall Score 6/10