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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood – Game Review

James Stephenson

Max: Curse of Brotherhood

Max is a character that is searching a foreign land to find and save his little brother, Felix, after being taken away from his home by an evil monster. With the help of an Old Lady who guides you through new tools, weapons, you guide your way through this game to reach the thief, Mustacho!

First impressions of the game are good. For a cartoon game, the graphics and gameplay are very good. The controls are basic but easy to manage and the physics of moving and jumping with Max is smooth and consistent throughout the game.

Max: Curse of the Brotherhood is very linear in the similar style as ‘Crash Bandicoot’ or ‘Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee’. You come across different obstacles and challenges on the way including climbing ropes to flowing through water streams to get to difficult places. Early in the game, you acquire a tool that allows Max to move and destroy objects such as trees and rocks that are in his path. This tool becomes more expansive throughout the game.

Max: Curse of Brotherhood

Throughout ‘Max’ there are different extras to complete. For example, collecting / destroying 75 of ‘Mustacho’s Evil Eyes’ uses around his realm and collecting ‘Secrets’ that are parts of the ‘Lost Amulet’. Collecting these will unlock trophies/achievements for your Gamer tag. Some of the Eyes are quite fun to complete too as you need to use your tool to build around obstacles to get you to where you want to be. There are normally 4 ‘Eyes’ and one ‘Secret’ per level so keep an eye out while playing to collect them all. Remember to search around for things that move, as this can be key to reaching a height you cant reach alone.

Throughout ‘Max’ there are various cutscenes that keep you informed of the story at hand. Which I believe is good as there isn’t much of a storyline that carries through when you actually play the game.


After an hour or so of playing ‘Max’ and getting used to it, I did feel like I was getting a little bored as the levels can take a while to complete and there isn’t a lot of content to run through. Apart from building a few branches/rocks to gain access to another area to basically do the same again. Maybe this time without getting attacked by a guard or some sort of creature that can attack you and make you start from the previous checkpoint. Hopefully, nearer the end there is more content to have to fight.

Overall Max: Curse of the Brotherhood is a well-polished, fun game to play. However, I could not spend a good session playing, as it does get tedious and a little boring after a while. Other than that I found myself entertained enough by the storyline that I could keep coming back after a few hours to play more of the story again.

Overall Score 7-10