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Lightseekers Awakening App Game by Play Fusion

by Hubert Hung


This app is part of a trio of media within the Lightseekers’ world. The others being a card game (that I have already reviewed) and toys (check-out the Kora the Mari toy). You can use the cards and toys interface with the game. They allow you to beef up your character, makes treasure chests appear and gives you access to other areas. Some of them are inaccessible if you do not have certain items from the toy range notably a flight pack. The app also allows you to view the augmented reality of cards. This is cool. Seeing the 3D image appear on your phone or tablet has a big “WOW!” factor. You can even view some of the cards if you scan the box cover of starter decks. A very neat idea. There is even a card in the starter decks that you can share with other players and both of your share the benefits. I scanned one from a YouTube video.

Before I review this game, I would like to point out that I am a board gamer and not huge on app-based games. I have played a few like Simpsons Tapped out and Jurassic Park. Lightseekers is very different. You take control of a character and a pet and wander around beautiful maps carrying out missions for other people along the way. Missions require you to collect objects, defeat creatures or villains, whilst others require you to plant crops to be harvested the next day. Some can only be accomplished when you have reached a certain level. There is a story arc, but you can take on other missions along the way without any penalty. They will earn you experience points and other items that you will need.

You can customise your character too. You pick up armour and gems. They increase your stats. Adding gems to your armour and weapon will increase their power too. What you improve is up to you. You also have certain powers too depending on your character. I went for Kora who uses storm consisting of air, water and lightning. You have health and power bars that recharge all the time. You can pick up boosts and recharging potions during combat. You can use cards that you have scanned in and activated to help you out too. I found this useful when taking on some of the bosses in the daily and extra bonus levels. If you have combo cards scan those in! You can even have other heroes from the game accompany you for a time. Your pet levels-up too.

Lightseekers app

The controls are rudimentary, you tap the screen where you want to go and a small button for the power you want to activate. Your character and pet hit the opponent/s automatically once combat is initiated. You can teleport to various locations on the map using portals platforms on the map or call up the map and tap on the name of the location. If you are on a mission, tap on the two feet in mission window and your character will walk there. There is also a section for flying. You tilt your device to control where you go. That took a few goes to be comfortable with it, but no doubt there will be many who will find this a breeze. From watching other sources, I believe you can use the toys to pilot your way through the courses too.

There is one aspect of the game I have yet to utilise because I lack the resources to do so. This is forging my own special items. From the looks of it, you need to gather a heap of them. Some are quite common and others I have yet to encounter one of them. You also need a recipe and I have yet to pick one up.

There are some aspects of the game I was not so keen on. I binge played this game and I am now I cannot progress the main storyline anymore. I assume this will be resolved in time. I have explored two and a half maps. There are sections that I cannot access because I cannot fly or have the right toy to access them. That is fine, but a little annoying. At least the game is not impressing on you to buy premium content all of the time. I have exhausted all of the short missions. All that is left is to repeat some of them. I have stopped doing that.

Lightseekers app

A major gripe is when you call a hero up to fight alongside you, what you see is a generic figure. I scanned in Leo (a male character), but the one who accompanies me is female (Vela perhaps?). The augmented reality is the same. You scan in Leo and the person you see is not him. I assume this will be corrected in time? I hope so.

Roaming about the maps fills out a little bit of the lore behind the card game. You meet a number of the creatures and characters. Although, in the card game you are battling other heroes and not the villains (Kreebles and Umbrons). There seems to be no reason why the heroes are battling each other. A tournament perhaps?

I like this app game and would recommend this if you have the card game or the toys. Does it improve my rating for the card game? No, not at this point in time. I am looking forward to seeing how Play Fusion expands and improve the app game.