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Hasbro Bring Battleships to Facebook Messenger


Toy giant Hasbro seems to have gone into overdrive lately as it seems every week we are writing about one of their franchises. Fresh on the heels of their massive My Little Pony push, the news of them forming Allspark Pictures and rumours of a possible takeover with Mattel. They are subject to one of our articles yet again. This time it is the iconic, timeless classic Battleships that is making the news.

Everyone knows what Battleships is. Whether its memories of dreary, wet, English caravan holidays or mad student drinking games. not only have we all played Battleships but its a fair bet we have owned it in some way shape or form over the years too.

Like anything that lasts the test of time, Battleships has adapted over the years. From its humble beginnings as a pen and paper game in world war one to the release of the board game form we all know and love in 1967, now 50 years later it is adopting again.


Hasbro has partnered with CoolGames to bring the iconic board game to instant messaging platform Facebook Messenger.

Users of the service will be able to instantly challenge their friends to games, as well as random opponents from around the world with CoolGames’ matchmaking system.

“We’re excited that we could bring this iconic game, in close collaboration with Hasbro, to the largest social network in the world,” said Laurens Rutten, CEO and founder of CoolGames. “Enhanced by the many social and rich gameplay features that Facebook Instant Games offers, millions of new users can now experience Battleship on their smartphones.”

“CoolGames successfully adapted Battleship to fit messenger platforms, while maintaining the core gameplay and fun play experience from Hasbro’s iconic Battleship Game,” Richard Cleveland, VP of Hasbro Digital Gaming. “We are thrilled to be able to provide consumers new and unique ways to enjoy this classic family favourite.”

Battleship for Instant Games is developed by CoolGames’ in-house studio and is based on HTML5 technology. CoolGames was a launch partner for Facebook Instant Games in November 2016. Other successful titles that were released on Messenger include Arkanoid, Snake and Jewel Academy.

CoolGames plans to launch several new AAA titles for Instant Games in the coming months.