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Is Facebook Messenger about to Implement Snapchat Streaks?

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Rumours are starting to circulate that Facebook is set to roll out Snapchat style streaks to its Messenger Platform. These rumours are only further reinforced by some users apparently being selected to trial the new feature.

The Snapchat Streak feature is essentially a gamification of messages that target the younger teen audience of Snapchat. Quite simply if you message your friend for 2 consecutive days you will receive a little emoji at the side of that conversation. to keep the streak there you have to keep talking. Don’t message your friend and you lose your streak and have to begin again.

Like Snapchat streaks, Facebook Messenger streaks include an emoji status for anyone you’re currently in a streak with. Facebook appears to be testing this on limited accounts at the moment. Twitter user Case Sandberg discovered the steaks feature, and other Facebook Messenger users have also noticed it in testing. It’s not clear if this is a limited test that won’t reach all Facebook accounts.


Facebook seems to be adding a slew of features to its messaging platform in an attempt to make it the go-to platform for communication. Yesterday we reported how Cool Games has released the classic Battleships on messenger and plans to release more AAA titles in the coming year and just a few weeks ago we reported how Facebook rolled out the capability to send money via messenger in the UK.

If Facebook is in fact about to implement streaks to its messenger platform then its a pretty safe bet they will be coming to Instagram and Whatsapp soon enough.

How do you feel about Streaks been implemented to messenger? Is it something you will enjoy? will it make you talk to friends more? Or do you not really care? if you could add any feature to Facebook Messenger what would it be? As always let us know your thoughts in the comment section below