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My Little Pony Stampedes into the Christmas Market


Very few brands in the world are as recognisable as My Little Pony. First created in 1982 to resounding global success with little girls all over the world, the brand when from strength to strength until it was discontinued in 1995. A few short-lived relaunches of the toys have occurred over the years but they really burst back onto the global scene in 2010 and have remained ever since.

The target consumers for My Little Pony has changed somewhat with its most recent incarnation too. Still, a big hit with little girls but thanks to the internet the unique equines also have a massive adult male following endearingly referred to as “Bronies” and Hasbro is going all out this Christmas to cater to both markets.

FIrst up is My Little Pony: The Movie set to release in cinemas this week. It marks the first time My Little Pony has entered the cinema since 1986. To complement the film Hasbro has showcased four of the products to hit stores across the US this autumn, including the Cantrelot and Seaquestria Castle play-set, the Pinkie Pie Swimming Seapony figure, the Seashell Lagoon play-set and the My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle figure.

My Little Pony

Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle features more than 90 phrases, a light up horn and moving head and hooves, while Pinkie Pie can swim on her own in water

As well as the film and accompanying toy line sticker maker Panini has just announced that they are to release a sticker album for the movie too. The My Little Pony Movie collection which has hit store shelves today.

With 200 stickers to collect, Starter Packs include an album, plus 26 stickers to get collectors started. There are also limited figurine starter packs which include a My Little Pony figurine of one of the film’s cast of colourful characters.