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Halloween? Day of the Dead? Clubit Has You Covered


It’s almost every adults favourite time of year……Halloween!! That wonderful, special time where we all get to dress up as scary monsters, make awesome costumes, go to trick or treating, attend gruesome themed parties and do the monster mash. Halloween has quickly become the adult version of Christmas for fun and frivolity. So this year clubit has put together a selection of items that you can purchase today to help your Halloween preparations go smoothly.

Let’s be honest here, no Halloween costume is complete without a mask and we have a whole range of freaky faced delights ranging from Zombies to Clowns, with even a gorilla in there just for good measure. With prices starting from under £7 this light, breathable masks are a must-have addition to monstrous masquerade.





No Halloween is complete without a party and no party is complete without party games. Once again Clubit has you covered. First up we have Zombie Juggling balls. This set of 3 juggling balls will help you wow and amaze guests at the party with your juggling skills and even if you mess up and drop them they let out a zombie groan when they hit the floor! If you want more of a party game than a party trick then how about this Tabletop football set up with a twist? Instead of England v Germany we have Soldiers v Zombies!

Or maybe instead of partying you are out Trick or treating with the kids? Once again Clubit has you covered. These October nights can be quite chilly so we suggest you take a Skull Hand Warmer with you to keep toasty whilst the young ones collect their body weight in sugar. Speaking of young ones, for the kids, we have these amazing Spider tattoos that look pretty sweet on but then look at them through an Android or iPhone with the free app and they magically come to life and for less than £2 a pack they are an absolute bargain





Fear, not dear Clubiteers we haven’t forgotten about the Mexican Day of the Dead on November 2nd, We got you covered there too! These awesome, highly collectable, highly sought after Calaveritas will take pride of place in any celebration party or collection.