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Does the GT Sports Demo Deliver on the Hype?


The long-awaited GT Sports Demo Arrived on PS4 this morning and has is the current norm with the hype around big-ticket titles it is extremely underwhelming. The Demo gives the impression that this is, in fact, the full game with content locked out and that is massively disappointing. If it is, in fact, the case then I’m sorry to report but gone are Licences, Tuning cars, and all the cups, in fact, gone is any real single player offline content at all!

There is a campaign mode that is made up of 48 driving school tasks which are essentially the licence tests we know and love but awarded with cars, not licences. The campaign mode also consists of 8 sets of 8 mission stages and circuit experience where you can get to learn the 22 tracks more in-depth. such as braking zones etc.

After campaign mode, there is arcade mode which if this is the full mode then it is pretty woeful. made up of 5 single races, 5 time trials and 4 drift trials. whilst each of the events has a beginner, intermediate and expert difficulties there is still very little content to make up offline play.

GT Sport Demo, GT Sport

The big chunk of the game’s content seems to focus on online multiplayer racing which whilst put together remarkably well with races starting at predetermined times, a 15 min qualifying session that match makes your best lap time with similar times from 24 other racers it kinda falls apart in its execution.

With every race beginning with a rolling start, it is near high on impossible to win races unless your start time is in the top 5. Instead, you will find yourself battling in a pack of 4 or 5 racers around your positioning resulting in each race actually, in essence, been made up of 3 or 4 smaller races.

There is no sign or even hint of championship or cup races, the licence system has been replaced with Driver rating and sportsmanship ratings. Driver rating is increased by winning races and sportsmanship increases for clean, fair racing although this is somewhat flawed as when in an online race I was rammed from behind and received a drop in Sportsman Rating and an 8-second race penalty for something I didn’t do.

GT Sport Demo, GT Sport

There are plenty of achievements to be earned through many different activities such as logging on, clean races, miles travelled etc. There is also a bonus for daily workout activities. The game implements 2 currencies. the first being the standard credits and the new currency being mile token that allow you to unlock things such as rare cars, liveries and winning poses.

The graphics in the GT Sport Demo are amazing but unfortunately, that has come to be expected of the Gran Turismo series and whilst truly wonderful the main draw of VR is sadly missing from the demo so there is no way to tell if the whole game is in VR or a small defined section.

As someone who has been really excited to get their teeth into a new Gran Turismo game I can’t help but feel extremely underwhelmed by the demo. The lack of cups and progression to different classes of cars and racing, the joy of tuning a car to get the extra couple of seconds shaved off a track time seems to have been thrown out completely and replaced with online multiplayer racing. The soul of Gran Turismo is missing. What was once a bastion and gold standard of racing simulation now seems to be nothing more than an online arcade racer.

And that makes this gamer weep.

Hopefully i shall be proved wrong when Gran Turismo Sport lauches on Ps4 on the 18th of October