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Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony review

By Ian R Betts


The PS4 has seen a number of Japanese visual novel style games lately. The recent Utawarerumono being one which was well received by reviewer’s alike Danganronpa V3 however, is a mix of a visual novel, and an Ace Attorney style whodunnit. You take control of school girl and the Ultimate Pianist Kaede Akamatsu, who quickly strikes up a partnership with the Ultimate Detective Shuichi Saihara. Each of the 16 characters you meet has an Ultimate skill. From a Mage to a Tennis player, and even a robot. You start off in a classroom cupboard and soon get embroiled in the prologue.

The game then throws 6 cute and cuddly teddy bears at you (Or not so cute and cuddly depending on your state of mind).The leader is called the Monokuma. This mighty bear has gathered 16 talented students and trapped them in a run-down school. Also just for laughs, he has erected a giant wall around the school to stop the students escaping, or anyone trying to get in. Donald Trump has nothing on this dastardly bear. Monokuma’s ‘children make up the other 5 bears, each with their own personalities.


The game properly begins once Kaede finds all of her fellow students and meet up in the gym. Monokuma then announces that only 2 students will escape, and only after playing his killing game. Students must kill a fellow student by any means necessary, then lie their way out of court to survive. The main goal of the game from here on in is to see how things unfold. You get to lie and interrogated to try and be one of the remaining students to get released back into the real world outside. As you progress, the character’s you grow to love can meet their grisly demise, which surprisingly can leave the player feeling a tad emotional. Especially if you were fond of them.

As far as gameplay goes, you control Kaede in a number of ways. There’s the standard moving around the school and grounds with the left stick, but on static screens, you stand still, and move the cursor around to speak to somebody or interrogate the scenery, and picking up vital clues. A lot of the game is text-based, meaning you will spend plenty of the 30 hours running time pressing the x button to hurry on the chatter and select different things to say.


Players of the original 2 Danganronpa game’s will already know of the series bonkers graphics, characters, and storylines. This new game in the series is exactly the same. Be aware that this game isn’t intended for children. Some of the character’s conversations can be a little risque, but for those aren’t easily offended, then some of the chatter is hilarious. Even one the cute little bears has a potty mouth which will always raise a smile.
Overall, and without giving any more of the story away, this game will draw you in, and keep you absorbed from start to finish. The majority of character’s of great fun to be around. There are also a few mini-games to mix things up which is welcome. Graphically, it’s nothing to write home about, and the soundtrack is a bit hit and miss, but it’s another welcome addition to the series which existing fans and newcomers will lap up.

A terrific new Danganronpa game that keeps the popular Japanese series alive, with a well thought out plot, but just falls short of greatness.

Whats Hot

A brilliant cast of characters.
Absorbing story and cases.
Plenty of content, and replayability.

Whats Cold

The soundtrack is rather a mixed bag.
Graphically, it’s hardly pushing the PS4.
Losing character’s mid-story is always crushing.

Overall. 8/10

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