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Bloodhound Set for First Public Run


The Supersonic car and record-breaking hopeful Bloodhound is set for its first run out in front of the public later today. The British car designed to go 1,000mph (1,610km/h) will make its first public runs in Cornwall later.

Bloodhound SSC is conducting initial “slow-speed” trials and should get up to about 200mph (320km/h) on the runway at Newquay Airport.
Driven by RAF Wing Commander Andy Green, the car aims to break the world land speed record in 2019. This will take place on a special track that has been prepared on a dried-out lakebed in Northern Cape, South Africa.

“This is about showing the world what we’re about,” said Wing Commander Green. “We’ve designed and built the most extraordinary, sophisticated, high-performance land speed record car in history. It will do 0-200mph in about eight seconds. For a five-tonne vehicle – that’s eye-popping performance,”


Green will be trying to beat the land speed record he himself set 20 years ago when he drove the jet-powered Thrust SSC vehicle through the sound barrier in the American Nevada desert to register a speed of 763mph (1,227km/h). That record still stands an impressive 20 years later and if Green gets his way Bloodhound will set a land speed record that nobody will want to attempt to break.

The initial goal is to set a record of 800mph, once that is achieved then its full throttle to see what speed they can achieve and hopefully claim the land speed record for eternity.

Clubit for one is extremely excited to see technology and human endeavour come together to achieve amazing feats. Back in 2015, we reported on the Bloodhound project which is aimed at inspiring young children to follow an education in the sciences. Also at the time, the supersonic car was recreated out of Knex building blocks and on display outside the Olympia Exhibition Centre at the London Toy fair 2015.