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Things you might need to know when filming in VR.

Written By Uzir Mohammed


Narrative Virtual Reality film making is analogously a new undertaking. It can be a challenge just to understand what a fortunate visual device can be. In this post and its follow ups I will make it my mission to voice an understanding on how VR Film making could change the way we view films in the not too distant future.

To make a film one needs shots, shots make a sequence, multiple sequences make a film. To make the most cohesive film in virtual reality, one must think about the placements of his or her surroundings. For example, buildings, objects, and characters.

Buildings in Virtual Reality Filmmaking is basically just placing the camera closer to the corner will create meaning, obstruction, it means there is no way out. The things in VR that are hidden are just as important as to the ones that are shown. The way a character in a VR ready film would move from one shadowy area to the viewers viewing area, all depends on your space that was used during filming, as there would be no camera motion when it comes down to framing. These can be segments in which information could be given about fictional characters that occupy the story and what buildings they visit on a daily basis.

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Objects are essential in Virtual Reality. This is because they can give motion signals to the users/audiences eyes as this would be the indication for new interactions that a user can do. Majority of the time these types of objects might be QuickTime events or they could tell the user something which they would not know otherwise. Objects could have secret information that only some characters in the story could know, which would mean we, the audience could understand plot points a lot quicker.

Future films might actually be similar to first person shooters and have movie characters breaking the fourth wall as you wearing the VR Headset could be a character that others in the story interact with or better yet you might be the protagonist of the story.

What works: To make it simple, there are three layers in the center where the focus accumulates. These three layers specifically show the depths. Of an image a person is looking at, through the Virtual Reality Headsets.

3 planes or layers: these are points of focus, they happen in three layers. These represent different depths of an image. The difference between focusing and not focusing creates a motion in the image. For this to be perfect lighting and stage design needs to play a key role.

Reflections: this is matched motion on different sides of the virtual sphere. You then have reflections, which go left then right. These can guide the head to make sure that the motion is smooth and still connected to the virtual reality machine.

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What doesn’t work:

Drastic left or right points of interests: the 180-degree rule. When it comes to VR just like filmmaking there is a 180-degree rule. This rule can make it difficult for content creators to hide elements by limiting the user’s field of view through motion.

In conclusion there is a use for VR and more things can be done in the future, it’s just the content needs to be there and user friendly and maybe headsets need to be 50 to 100 pounds cheaper, then a year or two after that, we can correctly say whether or not VR has truly been a success or not.

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