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Are We Ready To Look Into The Black Mirror Once Again?


With still no release date announced fans are getting excited?……no not excited ….prepared, that’s the word I was after. Fans are getting prepared for season four of Black Mirror. The massively acclaimed hit series by Charlie Brooker is due to return to our screens via Netflix at some point this year.

Now considering Season 3 arrived in October last year most fans are expecting a similar release date. Although I personally wouldn’t be surprised if we never got a release date and it just “landed” one day in October. Either way however it arrives and whatever the size of the fan fair I think everyone can agree it’s gonna be pretty soon. October is a good guess that is further solidified by the fact we have just got the trailer for Black Mirror Season 4

Now don’t get me wrong on first viewing of the trailer I thought that I was actually less informed about the new series of Black Mirror than I was before. But that is the joy of Black Mirror, this isn’t a safe drama that holds your hand or has character cues that conveniently and sometimes quite jarringly point out the upcoming twists and arcs. This is a show that takes great pride in ripping you out of your comfort soon, forcing you to face up to and recognise the uncomfortable side of humanity.

Every episode is a dark twisted look at the world we living and the direction we are going. Every season of Black Mirror as prompted deep, teological and philosophical discussions in my social circle and online.

I for one can’t wait for the new season to return.