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Is The New Atari Box Set For Failure?

Atari Box

We brought you news back in July that Atari announced it was once more to enter the console market with the Atari Box. The console has been shrouded in mystery ever since as very little details have emerged about it until yesterday that is.

Yesterday’s announcement was intended to garner hype and excitement over the return of the iconic 80’s gaming firm but unfortunately, it seems to have snuffed out what little intrigued interest there was.It seems that the Atari Box will not actually be a console per se but more of a ‘do everything but not as well as dedicated platforms’ kinda machine.It houses an AMD Processor, Radeon graphics card, runs Linux as its operating system and will come with a back catalogue of Atari games. It as the ability to browse the web, install third-party apps, run Steam and play mid-range PC games such as Minecraft and Terria.

Atari Box

So it is essentially a streaming box similar to the valve steam machine that tanked massively. It seems to be that the Atari Box is everywhere and nowhere at once by doing everything that PlayStation and Xbox do but just not as well. The one thing it has over consoles is the ability to play PC games……just not top range ones…..Like a PC.


Throw in the $250-$300 price tag and it’s easy to see why this is been launched via Indiegogo and not actually being funded by Atari themselves. It’s not exactly encouraging to consumers when the manufacturer won’t invest in its own product


In summary, $300 dollars could easily buy you a PS4 that has Atari classics in the PSN store for a couple of dollars, has web browsing, Netflix and other streaming apps, plays DVD and BluRay, exclusive triple-A games as well as an ever-growing library of Indie games you gotta ask is there really a place in the market for the Atari Box?

Sure it looks awesome in that wood trim but not $300 awesome.

What do you think? are you looking forward to the Atari Box? Will you be funding it on IndieGoGo? Or is it a product that falls between markets and doesn’t deliver to either? As always let us know your thoughts in the comments below